Why Choose FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area?

Patient, Shawn, discusses her experience with Dr. Almasri. This segment was recently featured on Good Morning Texas.

Worried about dental implant cost? FastNewSmile® is the least expensive way to get a permanent smile that is both beautiful and functional. Our procedure is unlike the All-on-4™ procedure that solely relies on the placement of 4 implants. Our specialized surgeons will place as many implants as needed to ensure the procedure is a success. FastNewSmile® is a registered trademarked procedure that is only performed by FastNewSmile providers.

Our Approach For Your Dental Implants Treatment

Our office has a specialized prosthodontist and trained lab technician who are here to give you a beautiful and functional smile with a lifetime guarantee!

Dr. Riad Almasri, owner, is our specialized Dallas-Fort Worth prosthodontic surgeon. He is the doctor that will perform IV sedation and surgical procedures in our office. Dr. Almasri has been practicing and teaching dentistry since 2003. He has a 99% success rate with his dental implants and a 100% with the FastNewSmile® procedure. He works extremely close with our patients to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

After the surgical procedures in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our specialized surgeons and our lab technician will work together on the restorative side of patient treatment. As a team they can provide teeth color and shape suggestions to our patients for the best smile of their lives. The FastNewSmile® is a life-changing procedure! Contact us today to get the smile of your dreams.