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Sep 25, 2017

Enjoy Holiday Drinks While Protecting Your Teeth Implants

Protecting Teeth Implants Holiday Treats

Congratulations on your teeth implants and for taking the steps towards a brighter smile as the holiday seasons approach. We know that you plan on wearing your smile with pride in each of your family photos and that is why FastNewSmile is here to promote tooth implant health with these fall season tips. Fall brings the changing of seasonal colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving and an assortment of flavored drinks that could potentially pose a danger to your dental implant work if not consumed properly. Don’t let your next Pumpkin Spice Latte be the drink that turns your new smile into a Jack-O-Lantern’s grin.

Hot Drinks and Your Dental Implants

The fall holidays are full of delicious flavors like pumpkin, and gingerbread flavored coffee drinks. However, as delicious as these may seem, your favorite hot drinks could pose a threat to your teeth implants. Keep in mind that your dental implants are at their core, made of metal. Science proves that metal retains heat, and despite being underneath layers of your gums, your implant will hold onto heat from the consumption of hot liquids. If you drink your coffee or tea at a temperature that is too hot to touch, we recommend that you don’t drink it at all. Your teeth implants can easily heat up from the drink you are enjoying and burn off a small layer of cells around the implant. With the popularity and frequency that people tend to enjoy these hot holiday drinks, repeated minor damage to your tooth implant will result in the loss of your implant. We are not saying to abstain from your favorite fall drinks; in fact, we encourage that you eat and drink your regular cravings. However, consume with caution.

Hot and Cold Mixed can Crack Teeth ImplantsHot Drinks and Cold Solutions Don’t Mix

When you eat or drink something that is too hot on the palate, most first instincts would be to reach for something cold to diminish the shock of the heat. This is a poor choice for natural teeth and an even more devastating option for those with dental implants. Most tooth implant crowns are covered in porcelain material. Porcelain, like glass, expands and contracts with heat and cold. By drinking a hot liquid, and taking a bite out of a cooler treat minutes later, or vice versa, you could immediately crack the crown of your tooth implant and find a piece of your tooth in your next bite. As mentioned before, this can happen with standard enamel as well, but the damage is more gradual and usually begins with micro-fractures and tooth sensitivity.

FastNewSmile Offers a Lifetime Guarantee

If you have overindulged in your hot drinks this early in the season and your dental implants have suffered from it, give us a call today. At FastNewSmile we are the only dental implant treatment center in Dallas that offers lifetime guarantee. Don’t let your damaged teeth implants hold you back or stop you from enjoying your favorite treats. Call us today and find out how we can help you at a price that beats out our leading competitors.

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