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Aug 10, 2018

Caring for Dental Implants When Your’re Sick

Caring for Dental Implants while Sick

Your natural teeth can really take a hit when you get sick. A simple cold or the flu can be a breeding ground for bacteria and bad habits that can lead to tooth decay. Even your dental implants can be at risk if you don’t practice proper implant care during your illness. Practicing these five tips will help you get through your sickness while also practicing excellent oral hygiene that your implants will thank you for.

1.  Hold Off On Brushing After Vomiting

This is not the most pleasant subject for anyone, but not only does vomiting create bad breath, but it also holds the possibility to damage more than your social life.

When your body decides to throw up, your vomit consists of acids and biles that come from your stomach. These acids are very strong, so if you do brush your teeth directly after vomiting, you run the risk of pushing the acids around on your teeth and wearing down the enamel.

Although your implants will not be affected by this, your remaining natural teeth definitely will, and over time this can lead to dentures or further implants surgeries. We suggest waiting for a half-hour to brush your teeth and until then, rinse your mouth out with a minty mouthwash.

2.  Be Wary of Cough Medicines

Even though cough medicine may be the first thing you reach for during a coughing fit, we say just cough it out. Most cough medicines are flavored and full of sugars and other ingredients that can damage your teeth and lead to gum disease.

If you do decide that you need to use cough medicine, make sure to check out the ingredients and promote whole-body wellness with good oral health.

3.  Keep Flossing and Brushing Implants

No matter how sick you are, brushing and flossing is a must for implant and natural tooth care. When your body is sick it is oozing with nasty bacteria that can easily hamper how your implants heal if you have just had the procedure. Keep your teeth and gum line safe by sticking to your regularly scheduled oral care.

4.  Limit Meals to Actual Hunger

When you are sick you just don’t want to eat. When you think you are hungry, most people turn to what feels good, and this is usually sweets or other junk foods that can lead to eventual tooth loss.

Especially if you have just had implant surgery, you will need to plan out your actual meals and eat only when you are hungry. This will help you ensure that you are eating the right things while you are sick and concerned with your dental care.

5.  Stay Hydrated and Protect Your Dental Implants

Even when you aren’t sick, hydration is extremely important for your oral health. When you are sick you experience dry mouth which prevents the creation of saliva. What most people don’t know is that saliva is a bacteria-fighting bodily function that is very helpful in protecting your dental implants and natural teeth.

By making sure that you hydrate yourself on a regular basis while sick, you can ensure that your mouth will remain somewhat germ-free during your illness.

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