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Nov 10, 2018

4 Holiday Foods To Avoid With New Dental Implants

Holiday Foods to Avoid With New Dental Implants

Even though you have a bright, new smile for holiday photos this year, there are still some precautions that you need to take if you’ve just had dental implant surgery. You may already know how to properly floss and care for your new pearly whites, there are some holiday foods that you must avoid. Be prepared to put these four items on your “naughty list” this winter and make alternative plans.

Hot Drinks

Hot tea and coffee may not seem destructive on the surface, but they are drinks to politely decline after implant surgery. Your dental implants are made with materials that include metal screws, which are placed inside of your gums.

The hot temperatures of your beverage can cause this metal to heat up and lead to two catastrophic reactions:

  1. The temperature can damage the tissues inside your gums.
  2. Damage to your gums can cause implant failure, especially if they are fresh.

However, don’t be glum thinking that you’ll have to nix these drinks altogether. Simply, drink with caution. Warm drinks should not impact your surgical efforts; just liquids hot enough to create substantial steam.

Raw Vegetables

Most likely your whole life you’ve been told to eat your vegetables. These may be the healthiest item on our list, but raw vegetables can be harmful to your implants. The crunch and general hard texture create a great risk for cracking or breaking.

In order to stay safe, we suggest having your veggies steamed before nourishing your body with them.

Sticky Treats

Yes, you already know that sugary sweets should be enjoyed in moderation regardless of your oral health. In particular, sticky candies and treats usually enjoyed during the holiday seasons can be dangerous for your new dental implants.

Foods like taffy, peanut brittle, and even chewing gum can stick to your implant during consumption and pull and grab at the surface of your tooth. While this may not be an immediate negative impact, this does mean that you will get your implants replaced sooner than you’d expect.


Popcorn threading may be a fun holiday pastime for some families, but the food itself poses a very real threat to your dental implants. A hard popcorn kernel can crack both a natural tooth and destroy your dental implants. If you must have a salty, buttery treat this season, we suggest opting for a bag of chips or saltine crackers instead.

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