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Dec 10, 2018

3 Dental Implant Surgery Advancements That Reduce Pain

Do Dental Implants Hurt

While the thought of dental implant surgery may seem like a frightening and painful experience, the trained experts at FastNewSmile can confirm that same-day replacements and Other Implant Surgeries can be pain-free experiences. Yes, the healing process requires some TLC on the patient’s behalf to avoid pain or loosening. However, there are specific Dental Implant Surgery Advancements that make minimally invasive procedures less painful. With the use of high-quality materials and powerful anesthetics, these advancements have been why dental implant surgery has become more common in modern society.

1. Advancements in Software

Technology comes to make our tasks more efficient and safer for our patients. One of these efficiency means is advanced software that allows us to plan your implant procedure before even starting your surgery. Used in conjunction with other scanning technology, we can take an in-depth approach to your procedure and enhance its predictability and safety. Before you even walk in for your first placement, the professionals at FastNewSmile will have your new smile planned out from start to finish.

2. High-Tech CT Scanners

CT scanners go hand-in-hand with the software that makes your procedure a success. These scanners are helpful because they reduce the planning period for the patient and only take a few seconds to send scanned information to your oral surgeon. Not only does this 3D CT Scan produce an accurate portrait of what your oral surgeon needs to see, but it is completely safe for the patient. Previous X-ray machines have exposed patients to harmful rays that could impact their livelihood later on down the road. Fortunately, with advanced CT scanners in use at FastNewSmile, Dr. Almasri can efficiently examine a patient’s surgical site’s teeth, tissues, and nerves at no risk to the patient.

3. State Of The Art Dental Implant Materials 

The titanium used in modern dental implants also helps ease the pain of the healing process. With Titanium Implants in place, the success rate of your oral surgery drastically increases,, and most patients never have to worry about implant rejection. Titanium is a strong and durable material that makes for comfortable and secure results. With your implants settling into the position faster and comfortably, the risk of irritation and pain reduces. When you receive implants from FastNewSmile, we will also provide you with post-surgical information that will help alleviate any pain and allow you to enjoy your new smile quickly.

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