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Jun 15, 2020

Checklist of Qualifications for Dental Implant Surgery

Checklist of Qualifications for Dental Implant Surgery

Everyone wants to have a smile they can be proud of. However, not everyone is always eligible for dental implant procedures.

Keep in mind that a full-mouth dental implant surgery is a complex one that requires more than just the experience of a dental implant specialist. Before you officially begin your journey to having the smile of your dreams, examine this checklist of qualifications and ask yourself if you think you could qualify for this life-changing procedure.

Note that we will always strive to work with anyone’s current situation. At FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center, we believe it’s always best to examine the entire picture so that we may prescribe the best pre, during, and post-surgical plans for our patients.

How is Your Bone Density?

Where your teeth are attached to your mouth at the root, Titanium dental implants are placed into your jaw bone for effective permanence. In order for your full-mouth implants to fuse with your bone, you’ll have to have a fair amount of bone density.

If you suffer from a disease like Osteoporosis, you may be on the edge of qualifying as a candidate. Fortunately, FastNewSmile® has the experience and tools to help those with early stages of the disease. So, when in doubt, come in for a consultation with our Prosthodontists.

What Are Your Smoking and Drinking Habits?

A dental implant procedure is a surgery. Your body should be in well enough shape to handle the physical stresses of surgery. So, if you are a heavy smoker, heavy drinker, or have a condition like diabetes, it is best to check with a physician and Prosthodontist before committing to dental implants as an oral solution.

Do You Have Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal Disease is a gum disease that severely handicaps gum strength and eventually eats away at the jawbone. Some companies that offer dental implants might refuse patients who have this disease.

However, at FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center, we have the experience that allows us to place dental implants that meet your mouth’s specifications. When you meet with us, we can examine the severity of your condition and discuss the possibility of Zygomatic implants if the immediate bone is not available. These dental implants are beneficial for patients who have suffered jawbone loss and still want the benefits of dental implants.

Patients who undergo Zygomatic dental implants not only receive their teeth in a day, but also benefit from:

  • Reduced surgical expenses
  • Reduced overall oral surgeries
  • No hip or sinus grafts

Are You Going Through Chemotherapy?

If you’re a patient who has undergone chemotherapy, you may face complications with your implant surgery. Recent chemotherapy treatment can make it difficult for your body to bond with the implants. However, hope isn’t lost. Since every patient is treated on a case-by-case basis, you could still be eligible for a FastNewSmile® depending on how long ago your radiation treatment was.

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