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Feb 12, 2020

How do Dental Implants Interact With Metal Detectors

Do Dental Implants Set Off Airport Security?

We’ve all been in the uncomfortable situation at airport security where we’ve been taken aside because of an embarrassing metal detector alarm alert. Nobody enjoys being singled out, and that’s why at FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Centers, one of the questions we are frequently asked is: Will dental implants set off airport security metal detectors?

With the issue being a reality with larger-scale surgical replacements (knee, hip), we aren’t surprised that this is a fairly common concern for patients considering dental implants. So, will our implants get you singled out in security? Find out as we take a deeper dive into the science behind your new smile.

Do Dental Implants Set Off Airport Security?

The short answer is no, not typically. The reasoning behind this answer lies within how metal detectors work and how the titanium we use in our implants influences this science.

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

Metal detectors create a pulsating magnetic field around a subject that emits a natural echo when an object passes through the barrier. When metal is detected, the natural echo is interrupted and that long, loud “beep” we all dread during a security check rings out!

What Does This Have to Do With My Dental Implants?

Actually, not too much when you get treatment from our Dallas offices. At FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Centers, we have in-house milling units that create titanium and zirconia implants that make security checks no problem!

Unlike surgical metals used to create artificial joints, dental implants are created with titanium, a metal that is difficult to detect with a metal detector.

Sure, it could still set off a detector, but the small amount of titanium used to create your dental implants is typically not enough to sound any alarms. To put this into further perspective, even someone with titanium rods stabilizing their backbones usually will not trigger a metal detector; so why should your implants?

What If You Set Off a Metal Detector?

In the slight chance that you have dental implants and your body sets off a metal detector, you have nothing to be concerned about. Don’t expect a long hold-up where you’ll miss a flight.

Simply comply with TSA agents, inform them about your teeth implants or other surgical enhancements you may have. You’ll likely be screened again, and cleared quickly because your implants will vibrantly stand out in any x-ray.

If you’re truly worried about this experience taking too much time, remember to give your schedule some wiggle room and if you’re comfortable with this, inform your TSA agent that you have dental implants.

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