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Jun 09, 2021

Top Benefits of IV Sedation During Your Dental Implant Placement

Intravenous drip treatment being used to treat a sick man lying on a bed in a hospital

Oral surgeries like dental implant placements are a delicate process that requires an accurate, safe, and above all, comfortable form of sedation.

The dental implant specialists of FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Centers believe in being on the cutting edge of all areas of our industry. That’s why all of our procedures forego oral sedation and complete anesthesia.

While these methods of sedation can successfully make a patient comfortable, they come with a degree of uncertainty that we just can’t accept. At our Dallas dental implant offices, our IV sedation is a superior alternative to standard anesthetics.

Here are some of the reasons why our prosthodontists rely on IV sedation to maximize the success of dental implant surgeries.

Fast, Deep Relaxation

Oral sedation takes a significant amount of time for patients to experience its effect. Waiting around an hour for the medication to kick in does nothing to relieve the anxiety that most patients experience on the day of their dental implant surgery.

IV sedation is almost instantaneous and puts our patient into a deep, yet the semi-conscious state of relaxation. Although patients can react to simple commands during this state, their sedative state is so deep that they may as well be asleep.

In fact. IV sedation is so effective that it creates a temporary sense of amnesia that ensures the patient has no recollection of what happened during surgery. This is part of what makes IV sedation a must-have sedative for patients with moderate to severe anxiety about their surgery.

More Accurate Than Oral Sedation

One of the biggest issues we have with oral sedation is the fact that we have little control over how well the sedation works on a patient or how long the sedation lasts. No patient wants to suddenly feel the effects of their dental implant procedure, and IV sedation ensures that no patient has to experience such trauma.

IV sedation gives our specialists the power to safely control the amount of sedative our patients receive. Once they’ve entered the desired state of relaxation, we stop administration and monitor the patient for signs of sensation throughout the procedure. Should they begin to experience feeling again, we will gradually offer them further sedation until they are once again comfortable.

Semi-Conscious Sedation Improves the Dental Implant Process

All-on-4 Dental implant procedures are a very cooperative experience between the patient and their prosthodontist. At times, your dental implant specialist will require you to “open wide” or “move your tongue around.”

While a patient is in a semi-conscious state, they will be able to react to such simple commands and help their specialists work faster and more efficiently towards a successful dental implant surgery.

IV Sedation Enhances Patient Safety

Not only does IV sedation help achieve a successful and safe dental implantation, but this sedation process also helps improve the general safety of a procedure. Unlike general anesthesia where a patient is completely unconscious, IV sedation reduces the possibility of surgical complications like increased blood pressure and tachycardia.

Faster Recovery Period

Finally, our sedation preference allows us to truly puts the “fast” into a patient’s recovery process after FastNewSmile®. While anesthesia requires around an hour for a patient to slowly rejoin the real world, IV sedation has patients coherent in a matter of minutes and prepares them for the next phase of the dental implant process.

FastNewSmile Offers Dental Implants in Pure Relaxation

If you’re interested in the idea of dental implants but the thought of oral surgery has you cautious, the dental implant specialists at FastNewSmile® have your back! Our IV sedation, excellent bedside manners, and above all, decades of experience in our field, make the choice to schedule your dental implant placement simple.

Contact us today to learn more about our all-on-whatever it takes procedures as well as our single dental implant process. We’re ready to schedule your free consultation and help you on your way to a FastNewSmile.

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