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Feb 18, 2022

Does Smiling Make You More Attractive?

Does Smiling Make You More Attractive?

Does Smiling Make You More Attractive?

People often wonder what the key is to physical attractiveness. While most would say physique and cosmetics are the tickets to attracting a partner or even scoring a date for Valentine’s Day, we’re here to say that scientifically, your smile is the most important factor in physical attraction.

Let’s dig deeper into why a smile is a huge attractor and what exactly makes a smile that turns heads!

A Great Smile Makes You Appear Healthier

According to scientific research, a person who smiles more has a healthier-looking resting face. When a person is confident enough to smile to the point of having a healthy, glowing demeanor, the research shows that they are considered more attractive than someone who doesn’t smile as often.

What Constitutes a Healthy, Attractive Smile?

While we’d love to say that any smile is an attractive smile, the truth is that there are several deciding factors that society takes into account when it comes to determining what a healthy smile looks like.

Tooth Color

Yellowed or stained teeth from years of smoking or drinking coffee can impact how people perceive a smile. In some cases, teeth whitening or advanced dental care can help restore a smile’s color.

However, the best way to achieve the perfect tooth color is to invest in dental implants that give you a lifetime guarantee of straight, white teeth.

Tooth Position

Many of the patients that come to us for help do so because they are uncomfortable with the positioning of their teeth. We’ve heard first-hand stories about patients who have been harshly judged solely based on tooth positioning irregularities.

At FastNewSmile, our dental implant services help create a straight array of teeth that creates comfortable chewing, ease of talking, and confidence during interactions with other people.

How Can All-On-4 Dental Implants Help You Achieve an Attractive Smile?

Although everyone wants the perfect smile, sometimes certain circumstances prevent that from being a possibility. Whether you’ve suffered from an injury that resulted in a lost tooth or have lived with dental issues your entire life, All-On-4 dental implants from FastNewSmile can give you a smile you deserve.

Our state-of-the-art dental implants are placed for life and help prevent jawbone deterioration and further oral health problems.

On top of health benefits, dental implants look and feel like the natural teeth our patients have always dreamt of having.

Love Your Smile in 2022 With Dental Implants From FastNewSmile

If you want to give yourself the gift of a brand new smile, the FastNewSmile Dental Implant Center specialists are ready to meet with you. We are Dallas’s leading dental implant specialists and guarantee a beautiful, fresh smile the same day as your scheduled procedure.

Take our quiz to determine if you qualify for dental implants, or reach out to us today to schedule your free consultation.

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