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Jun 30, 2022

Dental Implant Advice for Elderly Patients

Senior Dental Implant Patient

You’re never too old to invest in improving your oral health. Therefore, dental implants and FastNewSmile®’s revolutionary same-day treatments are something that patients of any age can enjoy.

Getting older can come with its caveats. Our dental implant specialists ensure that poor oral health isn’t one of them.

Let’s get into why dental implants that last a lifetime are a great choice for seniors that want a brighter smile.

Dental Implants Could Improve Senior Health

Let’s face it, anyone of any age would love to find a stress-free way to improve their health. With dental implants, senior patients can use our procedure to improve their health on several levels. All they have to do is schedule a consultation, sit back, and let us do the technical work.

Decreased Tooth Loss 

Tooth loss is an issue that many seniors face. An unfortunate fact of life is that as teeth are lost, jawbones deteriorate, creating further tooth loss and oral health problems. 

Even a single dental implant can help decrease the likelihood of future tooth loss. Dental implants strengthen your jawbone and help keep the base your teeth hold on to healthy and stable enough to maintain a happy smile.

Improved Nutrition

Poor oral health makes eating healthy foods like carrots, nuts, and meats difficult and leads to decreased nutritional value in your diet.

All-On-4 dental implants from FastNewSmile® add strength to your bite and let you enjoy the crunchy, chewy foods you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Are Dental Implants Right at Your Age?

If you’re 65 or older and wondering if dental implants are the right investment at your age, here are some signs that could point to committing or backing down from this important decision. 

You’re Having a Hard Time With Oral Care

As science and medicine evolve, the average life expectancy only increases. However, if a senior is having a difficult time with oral care, the chances are they could live with these uncomfortable and painful problems longer.

If a person is relatively healthy and qualifies for dental implants, their oral health issues could be solved for good. Our dental implants last a lifetime and are relatively easy to maintain with a standard brushing and flossing routine.

Previous Health Conditions

Your prior medical records matter when it comes to eligibility for dental implants. Issues like recent heart attacks, a compromised immune system, or certain blood conditions could impact your eligibility as a dental implant patient.

So, if you are 65 or older, it’s highly recommended that you speak with your primary care physician about your eligibility before making a final decision about dental implant surgery.

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