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Sep 16, 2022

Healthiest Foods To Eat During Dental Implant Recovery


Dental implant recovery is one of the most important parts of the dental implant placement process. Not only is it the final road a patient journeys on to enjoy their All-On-4 implants for life, but it’s also a critical window where patients must adhere to a specific diet that keeps new implants intact.

While some people may be excited to indulge in ice cream, sweet yogurts and smoothies, others may want a little more nutrition within their recovery diet.

At FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center, we are prepared to offer only the best recovery advice to our patients. If you know you have dental implant surgery on the horizon and want to recover with nutrition in mind, here are some of the best foods you can eat during your recovery.

Why Do You Have to Eat Soft Foods After Dental Implant Surgery?

After every dental implant placement, there is a period of a few weeks where the dental implants are still permanently forming to a patient’s jaw bone. While it’s essential for a person to eat during recovery, sticky, hard, or chewy foods could put implant recovery at risk and lead to dental implant failure.

Top Healthy Foods to Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

Enjoying some ice cream during recovery is always nice, but your body needs essential nutrients to promote a healthy recovery.

Try out these five foods as you wait for your dental implants to retain permanence within your jawbone.

Processed or Blended Fruits and Vegetables

Some of the best pieces of produce for your body could be the most dangerous for your dental implant recovery. Hard produce like apples and carrots have a crunch to them that may be too tough for your recovering implants.

However, your body still needs essential nutrients like vitamin c and vitamin B6. Processing and blending these foods combined with other pieces of produce can create a soft smoothie or bisque that satisfies your cravings without sacrificing your smile.

Canned Produce

Canned fruits and vegetables are put through a heating process that softens them as they are stored in cans.

Although modern myths say that canned produce is inferior to its fresh counterpart in nutrition, this narrative is false.

Canned produce retains the food’s nutrients longer than fruits and vegetables would while exposed to a fridge or kitchen air.

Thus, not only can canned foods be prepared softer for consumption, but you’re also guaranteed all the nutrients you crave from your produce.

Cheese Omelets

Eating sufficient amounts of protein can be difficult during recovery because meat and poultry are never guaranteed to be as soft as you need them.

However, egg, egg white, and cheese omelets are a sufficient source of protein that are safe for consumption with new dental implants.

A single serving of egg or cheese can give you at least 6 grams of protein. Combine a healthy portion of the two, and you can easily meet a good portion of your daily protein needs in one meal.

Soups and Broths

Soups and broth are also easy ways to get your vegetables and protein. Not only do these canned foods come pre-softened, but the extra heat you add during preparation makes most soups a safe, healthy food to eat during recovery.

Just make sure to let it cool down a bit as hot food and drink could put your implants at risk.

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