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Feb 10, 2017

Give Your Loved One a New Smile This Valentine’s

Tooth Implants for Valentine's Day makes a great gift

February is getting under way and many men and women are searching high and low for the perfect Valentine’s gift for their significant others. While flowers, chocolates, and special weekend getaways are always nice to give and receive, unconventional gifts can be even better. This Valentine’s Day, invest in a gift that shows your loved one how much you care. Give the long-lasting gift of a new smile through our revolutionary Fast New Smile procedure!

Give the Gift of Confidence

You wouldn’t think that dental implants would be a great Valentine’s gift but believe it or not, this gift will last a lifetime where as a box of chocolates will last for an hour. Many patients come to us not only wanting a healthier mouth but also a better smile. A person’s smile is the best thing about them. Sadly, many people are embarrassed by their smile for a variety of reasons, such as missing teeth or severely stained teeth. The Fast New Smile procedure will give the love of your life a brand new set of teeth in one day! He or she will be proud to smile again thanks to you!

Your Loved One’s Health is Important

In addition to a beautiful smile, the health benefits of implants are just as important. When teeth are going bad it can cause all sorts of internal health problems. A tooth that has a dying root can be extremely painful and one that’s been pulled already can make it difficult to eat. Dr. Almasri’s Fast New Smile procedure not only gives you the teeth you’ve always wanted, but it also promotes the health and cleanliness of your mouth. The health and well-being of your Valentine should be the most important thing to you. Dental implants are a great way to make sure your loved one feels good and looks good.

Make a Smart Investment

Over the years, you’ve probably spent a few thousand dollars on Valentine’s Day gifts that have either been forgotten or thrown out. This year make a good investment in a gift that will last a lifetime. The Fast New Smile procedure guarantees that you or your significant other’s teeth will last forever. The teeth implants are made of sturdy titanium to ensure that they’re strong enough to keep up with everyday activities and the patient’s favorite foods. We want your loved one  to be comfortable in his or her dental implants. This procedure is not only a great investment but one that won’t require tons of time. The surgery is completed in 6-8 hours with minimal maintenance afterwards. Trust us, your Valentine will appreciate that!

Let Fast New Smile Be Apart of Your Valentine’s Day

A day to celebrate the love of two people is very important and so is each couple’s health. Give the gift of health and happiness this Valentine’s Day. Our incredible procedure is sure to be a gift to remember. Contact us today for more information!

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