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Feb 28, 2017

How to Choose the Right Tooth Brush

What To Expect With Tooth Implants

Tooth brushes aren’t something most people put much thought into. They’re a regular, mundane part of your morning and evening routine that either gets you ready for your day or removes the food build up from your teeth before bed. Unfortunately for your teeth however, the kind of tooth brush you select can help or hinder the health of your entire mouth, especially when you have teeth implants. When we examine our patient’s teeth in preparation for their dental implant surgery, we can immediately tell if their brushing habits were good or not. Here are a few tips on selecting the right tooth brush for your mouth.

Bristles Matter to Your Implants

The bristles on your tooth brush can seriously damage your teeth if they’re too hard and you brush too roughly. Most tooth brushes come in soft, medium, and hard bristle types. We most often recommend our clients use a soft bristled brush to keep their teeth clean. Hard bristles can damage your gums and even take away the enamel on your teeth over time. A soft bristled brush will gently scrub away any plaque build up and keep your mouth feeling fresh. If you want to be extra picky about your brush, choose one with rounded bristles for more protection. Your regular dentist and prosthodontist will thank you.

Effectiveness of the Brush

Since battery powered tooth brushes made their appearance, there’s been a debate over whether they’re more effective than traditional tooth brushes. There’s no conclusive evidence that suggests either kind is better, however if you do choose to use a battery operated brush, the best kind to get are ones in which the bristles brush back and forth as well as in a circular motion. This gives your teeth the extra care they need to stay healthy. If you aren’t sure which brush is better for your teeth, particularly if you have a tooth implant, ask a professional.

Size of the Brush

While you may think that all tooth brush heads are the same size, some are bigger than others. We recommend that you choose one that is a half-inch wide and one inch tall. You need to easily be able to maneuver around your mouth and remove any food particles and plaque build up. There are larger sized tooth brushes available but for most people, the standard size does the job.

Tooth Brushes Can’t Do Everything

Are your teeth just not doing their job anymore? Does it even hurt to chew food at times? Then maybe it’s time to think about dental implants. Many of our patients have done all they can to care for their natural teeth, but sometimes it’s just not enough. If you think you need implant surgery, then let us help. We’ll give you our honest, professional opinion on the health of your teeth. If you decide to move forward with implants, then we’ll guide you every step of the way. Contact FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center to learn more!


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