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Mar 17, 2020

A Deep Look into the FastNewSmile® Process

Satisfied patient after her dental implant procedure

At FastNewSmile® we consistently take pride in how our process has impacted the lives of so many patients throughout Dallas! Every day, patients walk through our doors in hope of a change in how they feel about their smile, and every day, our prosthodontists are able to make dreams come true.

Our founder, Dr. Riad Almasri has been creating fast, new smiles since 2003 and is confident that his offices provide a unique experience to the patients who come to him for dental implant surgery.

“Fastnewsmile is the fastest, quickest way to get you permanent, functional, beautiful teeth in just one day without the need for bone grafting for most of our patients,” Almasri says.

“We have everything on board to be able to provide the service in just one day. So, the prosthodontist specialist, the lab, the equipment, the IV sedation…everything is done under one roof.”

A Look Into the FastNewSmile® Process

Although the process of getting an entirely new smile in a day may sound exhausting to a patient, Dr. Almasri is always ready to reassure a patient that his team’s process is as simple as falling asleep and waking up to a dream come true.

“Patients come in the morning and we start an IV on them. The patient then goes to sleep, wakes up and the surgery is done,” he says.

All of the hard work is done on our end prior to the surgery. We make the teeth in advance, in-house with our own milling machine.

Once the patient has awakened, we retrofit their new teeth to the implant and they walk out that same day with a brand new smile.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Some of our patients have permitted us to share their experiences. One of our most prominent success stories comes from Rosemary Gutierrez, a patient who’s been thriving with her new smile for that last three years.

When we met Rosemary, the radiant person you’d see today was hiding behind a painful smile that held back her passion for life.

According to Gutierrez, life before FastNewSmile® was smiling with her mouth closed,  trying to say the least amount of words as possible, and heavy dietary restrictions. Once she picked up the phone and made her initial consultation, we knew that our teeth-in-a-day surgery would be the perfect solution for her smile.

“It’s changed my life completely. I am all smiles, all of the time. The biggest shock for me was when I bit into a corn on the cob for the first time,” she says.

“I know it seems minute; .but I hadn’t been able to bite into food for around 15 years prior.”

Experience a True Difference for a Lifetime

Dr. Almasri is so confident in FastNewSmile’s procedures that he guarantees they will last patients a lifetime.

We offer a true lifetime guarantee. For as long as you live, your implants are guaranteed,” he says.

If you are ready to get your new smile, we are here to be your one-stop-shop for dental implants in Dallas. We mill our teeth in our office, offer financing options, and also have the skills to provide the most beautiful teeth you could possibly think of. We look forward to meeting you soon. Get in touch with us to schedule your free consultation.

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