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Sep 02, 2016

Case Scenario 1


Recently, we had a patient come to our office for a consultation concerning his upper denture. The patient had stated he had the denture for over a year but wanted something without a palate. The patient had no teeth in the upper jaw and very few in his lower jaw. The patient wanted to get rid of his upper denture because the palate altered his speech and facial structure, as well as his ability to eat or taste food. Because the denture had a palate and extensions on the sides, food would often get trapped underneath it which makes it hard to enjoy a meal. He also didn’t like the fact that he had to take the denture in and out and use adhesive to make it stay in. The patient asked for the least expensive procedure to give him teeth that would stay in without bone grafts, get rid of the denture quick, and still look natural.

Dr. Almasri explained that the best option that was affordable and would last a lifetime with very minimal maintenance “comparing to the other procedures”, would be the FastNewSmile®. The FastNewSmile® is a non- removable bridge that allows patients to have the beautiful smile they desire in just one day. Unlike the upper denture the patient mentioned above had, the FastNewSmile® does not contain a palate, it is a 12 teeth bridge that has fully functional teeth and implants that are guaranteed for life. The patient told our office that the procedure had completely changed his life, the day of surgery he left smiling, no longer afraid to show his teeth. He now has the beautiful smile he wanted and no longer has to worry about his upper denture with the bothersome palate. The FastNewSmile® gave him his life back and gave him the confidence he longed for.

Initially we planned the patient for 4 implants in each jaw; but during surgery we needed an extra implant in each jaw. The great thing about choosing our office is the set price, which means the price will not change regardless of what we run into during surgery. Our goal is to give you implants that last you a lifetime. This patient needed two extra dental implants and had no extra charges of any kind; this is the case for all of our patients.

If you or someone you know suffers from wearing dentures or even afraid of having a denture please call our office to schedule a consultation to go over your options and see if you are a candidate for the FastNewSmile® procedure.

Our office is the only Dental Implant Center that offers a lifetime guarantee on their implants; not only in Dallas but in the whole state of Texas. Learn more about FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center today!

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