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Sep 02, 2016

Case Scenario 3

Have you ever wondered if there was an age limit to get dental implants? This case will discuss how younger patients can also benefit from dental implants. Sometimes it’s hard for younger patients to accept the fact they need dentures due to missing or broken teeth from car accidents, periodontal disease, or genetics. No matter how old or young you are, age is not a factor when it comes to dental implants.

A patient came in for a consultation inquiring about the FastNewSmile® because they had advanced periodontal disease. Periodontitis occurs when plaque spreads and grows under the gum line. The toxins produced by the bacteria in the plaque causes the gums to become irritated causing an inflammatory response that leads to the destruction of the tissue and bone that supports the teeth. Once this occurs, the gums separate from the teeth creating pockets, or space between the teeth and gums; which causes an infection in the gums. As the periodontitis progresses, the gum deteriorates and the bone gets destroyed causing the teeth to become loose. If there is extreme bone loss, the teeth become unsalvageable and need to be removed.

The patient that came to see us was in her early 30’s with advanced periodontal disease. She had gone to several other offices looking for help but left with nothing. Treatment options that were presented to her were expensive and lengthy. Options presented to the patient were dentures, procedures that included multiple surgeries, and bone grafting. When the patient came to visit us we were able to offer her the FastNewSmile® procedure which is a service she wanted at an affordable price, with a lifetime guarantee.

The FastNewSmile® is a one-day dental-implant procedure. A few weeks later, the patient came in for her FastNewSmile® surgery and left our office with a brand new smile. With the FastNewSmile® the patient was able to avoid bone grafts and multiple surgeries, and we were able to remove the infected bone, teeth, and gums.

Now, the patient will never have to worry about shifting, loose teeth, or pockets between the teeth and gums. Crowns, cavities, and root canals are no longer a concern with her brand new set of teeth! She has been free of her periodontal disease and pleased with her teeth for over a year now.

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Case Scenario 3 - Before
Case Scenario 3 – Before
Case Scenario 3 - After
Case Scenario 3 – After

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