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Sep 02, 2016

Diabetes and Dental Implants

We have had several patients concerned about getting dental implants done because they have diabetes. High blood sugar can affect all aspects of a person’s body. Many times patients that come in and want dental implants need them because they have tooth decay or advanced gum disease due to lack of brushing and/or flossing. Because people with diabetes have higher blood sugar content in their blood, it can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease quicker than someone without diabetes. The fact that a patient has diabetes has no affect on the dental implants themselves as long as it controlled. Here at FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center we are able to remove the infected teeth and bone and replace them with dental implants that we guarantee for life. Once the dental implants are placed, it is imperative for patients to remember to properly floss and brush their teeth in order to prevent other teeth from decaying.

We are able to place one single tooth implant or we can do a FastNewSmile® on the patient as long as the diabetes are controlled. If the diabetes are not controlled, people are more prone to have dental implant loss, infection, and a slower healing process. Patients need to take into consideration they will not be able to take their insulin on the day of surgery and because they will be fasting, they have a risk of becoming hypoglycemic. Patients that have diabetes and dental implants may take a little longer to heal versus patients without diabetes due to the high blood sugar, but will have the same success rate as long as they keep their diabetes under control. Don’t let diabetes keep you from seeking out the treatment you may need. Dr. Almasri can meet with you and discuss options that best fit your needs.

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