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Sep 02, 2016

FastNewSmile® Vs. the All-on-4 Procedure


Often times we get asked if the FastNewSmile® and the All-on-4 procedure are the same. The FastNewSmile® is a technique Dr. Almasri uses to give patients same-day teeth utilizing the All-on-4 concept and improving it. If a patient’s bone quality isn’t as strong as it needs to be for the All-on-4 procedure we can do an All-on-5, or an All-on-6 procedure, whatever it takes to provide patients with implants that will last a lifetime. In some cases, we can utilize zygomatic implants or do a combination of traditional implants and zygomatic implants. The final bridge for the FastNewSmile® does not always end up being acrylic. In some cases, the final bridge can be zirconia with ceramic teeth.

With both procedures, patients are able to come in, have the dental implants placed, and leave with a brand new smile all within the same day. When patients come into our office for the surgery, they will always leave with a new smile, 100% satisfied. With the FastNewSmile® and All-on-4 procedures, we are able to customize the new smile to what the patient wants. Before the surgery, patients come in for a workup appointment where they get to choose their teeth shape, size, and color. No two smiles are the same here because we believe in personalized care where the patient is in control of their new smile. Having an in house lab and lab technician allows the patient to make adjustments to their smile and have those adjustments made while they are here in our office. We understand this is a big investment and we want the patient to get the most out of these procedures. We study a patient’s speech, anatomy, bone structure, and many other factors to ensure their smile is the best fit for them.

With dental implants being used in both procedures, we are able to honor a lifetime guarantee with either procedure. We are able to honor a lifetime guarantee on our implants because Dr. Almasri and his team of dental implant specialists use the best products, dental implants, and assist in the engineering of the design of the teeth.

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