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Apr 06, 2023

Can Dental Implants Give You a “Red Carpet” Smile?

Can Dental Implants GIve you a "Red Carpet" Smile?

All around us, we see celebrities constantly promoting good looks and great smiles. You may think your smile is the only thing holding you back from catching your shooting star.

While most celebs won’t admit it, their red-carpet look is made complete with the help of dental implants. So, to answer whether our same-day dental implants can get you “red carpet ready,” we are giving you a solid “yes!”

Let’s take a moment to explore what makes dental implants so glamorous and some of our favorite celebrities that are open about protecting their oral health with dental implants.

What Gives Dental Implants the Fame They Deserve?

Before we get into the celebrities that have transformed their smiles with dental implants, let’s look at what makes dental implants all the rage in la la land and beyond.

They Last a Lifetime

First off, we place dental implants for life. Unlike dentures or fillings, dental implants aren’t solutions that you can remove or worry about falling out on their own. During placement, we fuse implants into your jawbone and make them a permanent part of your smile. All you have to do is keep up with your oral health, and you’ll have a front-cover set of pearly whites for life!

They Look Natural

During your consultation phase, we’ll take a good look at the state of your current teeth. We’ll also ask you what you want from your new smile.

Our goal is to create an all-natural look that makes you feel good and meets your expectations. Dental implants are an oral health solution that we can tailor directly to each individual’s needs. So no matter what feels or looks natural to you, we have you covered.

Those Celebrities Though…

So, you’re thinking about getting dental implants but are a bit self-aware about getting such a drastic change in your appearance. Never fear! Plenty of celebrities have already taken the plunge and are profiting from it!

Mike Tyson

The heavyweight champion himself got dental implants placed after his retirement from boxing. We aren’t surprised as he’s taken a hit or two to the jaw that could have easily damaged or displaced some of his natural teeth.

George Clooney

Yes, Danny Ocean and the Batman himself was at one time the perfect dental implant candidate. Mr. Clooney suffered dental damage due to teeth grinding, and in order to maintain his signature looks, he invested in his smile for life with dental implants.

Christie Brinkley

Supermodel Christie Brinkley had to undergo dental implant placement after breaking two molars in a helicopter crash. Brinkley’s dental implants are single dental implants that look identical to her natural, beautiful teeth.

Feel Like a Star Today with FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center

Picture this; you’re a fairly confident person that is pleased with most of your “look” but know deep inside that you’ve always been self-conscious about your teeth.

At FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center, our Dallas office can easily give you the smile of your dreams. We forgo the constant back-and-forth visits and provide you with a streamlined process that lets you leave our office with a brand-new smile on the day of your procedure.

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