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Dental Implant Advice for Elderly Patients

Senior Dental Implant Patient

You’re never too old to invest in improving your oral health. Therefore, dental implants and FastNewSmile®’s revolutionary same-day treatments are something that patients of any age can enjoy. Getting older can come with its caveats. Our dental implant specialists ensure that poor oral health isn’t one of them. Let’s get into why dental implants that […]

How Are Loose-Fitting Dentures A Detriment to Your Health?

Dentures. Dentistry. Prosthetic teeth. Dental plates. Artificial teeth.

Sometimes mass tooth loss is inevitable. Whether it is due to old age or poor dental hygiene, many people look to dentures as an alternative to permanent procedures like dental implants. Although dentures may offer a temporary solution, over time, the lack of teeth will lead to jaw bone deterioration, which in turn makes dentures […]

Top Reasons People Select Dentures for Their Oral Health

Top reasons people select dentures for their oral health

At FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center, we care about the dental health of our Dallas patients. When we give our patients a new smile, most of them opt for dental implant surgery. While this is our preferred method for a permanent, healthy, smile, we understand that some of our patients may prefer the option of dentures […]

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