Facial Aesthetics

In the Dallas - Fort Worth Area

Most of the patients we meet care about keeping their bodies healthy and taking care of the features that help them live their lives comfortably. 

Clean, clear, and beautiful skin is something that many people have to work hard for. Over time, acne scars, aging spots, wrinkles, and loose skin can become sources of stress and unhappiness. 

Fortunately, facial aesthetics services from Fast New Smile are an effective and safe way for our patients to have the beautiful, youthful, and healthy skin they deserve.

Facial Aesthetics Case - Nose
Facial Aesthetics Case - Lips

What are Facial Aesthetics?

Facial aesthetics are non-invasive procedures that help rejuvenate the skin and reduce the effects of aging. Facial aesthetics involve a purely cosmetic process that boosts our patient’s confidence in their skin and goes hand-in-hand with their fabulous FastNewSmile®!

Our Fort Worth and Dallas offices offer the following facial aesthetics services:


If you’re unhappy with the lines and dimples that appear as you smile or make a unique facial movement, our neurotoxin injection services could benefit you! 

Neurotoxin treatments help block the signal between your facial nerves and muscles. Patients often request this non-surgical procedure because it helps to:

  • Temporarily relax facial muscles
  • Rejuvenate and relax appearances
  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles
  • Can provide relief from chronic migraines and/or TMJ
Dermal Filler

Our dermal fillers are soft tissue injections that temporarily fill your face’s wrinkles and provide volume that helps you recapture that smooth, youthful appearance. 

Facial Contouring

Sometimes our patients want to accentuate a specific part of their facial features. From higher cheekbones to adding more fullness to your jaw, our facial contouring procedures offer a temporary boost to your features that can last between 6 and 12 months until a desired touch-up.

PDO - Non Surgical Face Lift

For the best non-surgical face lift in Dallas and Fort Worth, trust Fast New Smile’s PDO thread lift. This procedure brings patients a more subtle approach to wrinkle reduction and lifting a patient’s facial features.

Our PDO face lift is a customized treatment that guarantees comfort and safety for every patient that undergoes our treatment. Our mono, cog, and screw threads help make each procedure we complete look as natural as possible through added facial volume as well as the stimulation of natural collagen production.

Skin Care

Even if you aren’t prepared to undergo a facial treatment of any type, our aesthetics specialist can still provide you with a skin care regimen that helps you keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. We are prepared to give you professional advice on appropriate skin care for your age and skin type and are always available to schedule a procedural consultation if you feel prepared to take a deeper leap towards a younger appearance.

Non-Surgical Face Lift
Lips and Nasolabial Lines

Meet Brandi, One of Dallas & Fort Worth’s Best New Nurse Aestheticians!

Brandi McAndrew, RN

Brandi is a Registered Nurse who received her BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) from Louisiana State University in 2014. She is just months away from graduating with her Master of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, becoming a Nurse Practitioner. She spent 5 years of her career as a Travel ICU nurse before making the switch to aesthetics.

She’s passionate about people, beauty, and delivering tailored treatments to achieve her patients’ aesthetics goals. Her attention to detail shines through her work.

Brandi also excels in skincare services and customized skincare regimens, as well as lip and facial filler, liquid rhinoplasties, PDO threads, and more!

Schedule your nonsurgical treatment with Brandi now!

Lip Enhancement
Patient After Receiving Dermal Filler

Why Do You Need Facial Aesthetic Procedures?

People who schedule facial aesthetics procedures often do so because they want to recapture youthful skin that may have faded away over the years. Whether that’s through the definition of specific facial features, wrinkle reduction, or facial contouring, aesthetics are treatments that can rejuvenate one’s face and give a patient’s skin the TLC that it deserves!

Experience the Benefits of Facial Aesthetics with Fast New Smile

FastNewSmile® facial aesthetics offer patients a variety of benefits. Aside from leaving our offices feeling and looking your best, patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area receive:

  • Non-surgical procedures
  • Same-day treatments
  • Services from an aesthetics specialist
  • Precise post-procedure instructions

At Fast New Smile, we want our patients to be ecstatic when they glance at their reflection in the mirror. Let us help you fight the signs of aging and let your best facial features shine for all of the world to see. 

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  • * The facial aesthetics consult cost is $100, non-refundable, but the charge will go towards any treatment