FastNewSmile® Dental Implants

FastNewSmile® is the least expensive way to get a permanent smile that is both beautiful and functional. Our procedure is unlike the All-on-4™ procedure that solely relies on the placement of 4 implants. Dr. Almasri will place as many implants as needed to ensure the procedure is a success. FastNewSmile® is a registered trademarked procedure that is only performed by Dr. Almasri.

FastNewSmile® is the only dental implant treatment center in Dallas, Texas to offer a true Lifetime Guarantee, and will match or beat our leading competitor’s price. From single tooth implants to full mouth restoration, we will adjust, repair or replace any implant and restoration for the life of the patient. Overall, we have a success rate of over 99%. Coupled with our recommended maintenance and hygiene appointments, it’s easy for us to present our patients with this guarantee. We specialize in dental implants–dental implants are what we do!

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Thanks to dental implants, patients can replace even an entire mouth of missing teeth with appliances that look and feel nearly like their real teeth. One particularly good option for edentulous patients is the FastNewSmile® (All-on-4 dental implants) also known as Teeth-in-a-Day.

With this revolutionary technique, Dr. Almasri places four dental implants in the upper and/or lower jaws, and that quartet anchors the entire prosthetic arch. This procedure is completed right in our office, and the patient receives a complete set of teeth on the day of surgery. The whole process takes between 6-8 hours.


FastNewSmile® All-On-4 Dental Implants Dallas


Permanently secured, no palate, not bulky, chewing ability restored. Permanent Bridge in 1 Visit! Life-Time Warranty
Single Dental Implants


Permanently secured, no palate, not bulky, chewing ability restored. Permanently secured single tooth or smaller bridge. Life-Time Warranty
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Will I have teeth on surgery day?

Yes, every patient leaves with a beautiful new smile on surgery day.

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Patients regain maximum functionality in terms of chewing and speaking, and the dentures stay in place. Furthermore, the shape of the jawbone remains constant, meaning that patients won’t need to have their appliances refitted every few years, ultimately requiring a completely new set of dentures.

If you have been considering conventional crowns, bridges or dentures, we encourage you to contact our office to learn more about Teeth-in-a-Day and all of the benefits that come with this treatment. Dr. Almasri has extensive experience with this technique, and we can also show you examples of results in patients with cases similar to yours.

Dr. Almasri and the staff at FastNewSmile® gave me the most beautiful smile in Dallas! I constantly get compliments on my smile which gives a huge boost to my self-esteem.