Pricing With FastNewSmile®

  1. Same day implants (new teeth in the afternoon)
  2. Permanent teeth (non removable)
  3. Lifetime Guarantee
  4. Starts at $14,500 per arch
    *Monthly payments starting at $214 with good credit
    *An “arch” refers to the crescent arrangement of teeth, each patient having an upper and lower
  5. No hidden fees
  6. One set price
  7. Financing options available

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Option 1: Hybrid Same Day Teeth: $14,500 Per Arch

Hybrid Same Day Teeth - Before and After
  • Hybrid Material
  • Weaker than Zirconia
  • Provides a great aesthetic and healthy same day option

Option 2: Zirconia Upgrade: +$7,000 Per Arch

Zirconia Teeth - Before and After
  • Zirconia Prettau Material
  • Strongest in the market
  • An upgrade is optional a few months after surgery day

Full-Mouth Dental Implants, Same Day Unbeatable Service

One of the biggest things that hold people back from getting the smile they deserve is the fear of the unknown. Not only does the undaunting thought of a full-mouth implant procedure lead people astray, but the unknown cost of a FastNewSmile® has also been a reason some people don’t move forward in their happiness.

However, at FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center, we believe in being completely transparent, from our procedural practices, right down to the cost of your full-mouth dental implants.

The oral procedure we perform the most at FastNewSmile® is full-mouth dental implants. Our same-day service is one that can’t be rivaled in value. For prices starting at $14,500 per arch, our patients receive the best treatment in the industry and leave our Fort Worth and Dallas offices with a smile to be proud of.

Although the price may seem steep for some, when you put your smile in the hands of our Prosthodontists, you’re leaving us with a smile that is both beautiful and functional! Our lifetime guarantee ensures that our work is of the highest caliber in our industry. Our experience speaks for itself, and we are willing to back up your dental implants with a lifetime warranty that keeps your smile glowing.

Personalized Care, No Hidden Fees

Aside from the cosmetic aspect of our full-mouth procedure, we also provide personalized, professional care, and your Prosthodontist will be there to advise you on every step of your journey.

During your initial free consultation, we will walk you through the full cost of your procedure and what has influenced the quote we present you with. There are no hidden fees, and we will always be upfront with potential increases that could stem from:

  • Advanced stages of Periodontal disease
  • Poor bone density
  • The cost of materials we use during your procedure

What’s Included With Our Costs?

With our prices that start at $14,500 per arch, our patients benefit from having every aspect of their surgery covered. Our overall costs are guaranteed to cover:

  • IV sedation
  • Tooth extraction
  • Implant placement
  • Removal of infected tissue
  • Acrylic Fixed Teeth in one day
For patients who want to upgrade from Acrylic to Zirconia Fixed Teeth, we can also provide this option for an additional $7,000 per arch.
Nathan - FastNewSmile Dental Impant Center patient

Available Financing

Kerrill - FastNewSmile Dental Impant Center patient

While we don’t personally offer a financing option through our office, we do accept financing from numerous third-parties. Qualified applicants can gain financing through third-party financial institutions often at zero, or low-interest rates.

If financing isn’t an option for you, our offices will happily help you find a way to make funding your FastNewSmile® a reality.

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