Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Dental Implants

Spring cleaning checklist for your dental implants.
March 21, 2017
by FastNewSmile®

Since we’re approaching the spring months very quickly, most people are getting ready to do their spring cleaning. While scrubbing and vacuuming our homes is important, so is the health of our bodies, particular the health of our teeth. If you have dental implants, then keeping them healthy and maintained is particularly important. At FastNewSmile®, we’re experts in dental and implant health, we have a few tips to guide you in your spring cleaning.

Buy a New Toothbrush Made for Dental Implants

If you have dental implants, you’re most likely going to need a toothbrush designed specifically with implants in mind. Changing out your toothbrush every few months is incredibly important to how clean your teeth can get. Overtime with lots of use, the bristles on your brush will become worn out and they won’t do their job as well as they should. Our Dallas prosthodontist recommends that you use a brush with soft bristles to avoid damage to your implants.

See Your Dallas Dental Implant Specialist, Dr. Almasri

Those who’ve had a dental implant procedure benefit from seeing their prosthodontist every so often to check on the health of their implants. Make it a priority to schedule an appointment with Dr. Almasri this spring to address any questions you have about your tooth implants and to ensure that your implants are still working properly. Though your implants are made from strong titanium and are guaranteed to last a lifetime, it’s still a good idea to make sure they’ve been cared for properly. We’re always happy to have patients come in for a checkup to see how they’re doing!

Review Care Guidelines for Your New Implants

When you first get teeth implants, you’re concerned about caring for them and sticking with the recommended guidelines for what you can eat and what you should do to make sure the implants stay in good shape. However, overtime most people tend to get a little bit lazy with caring for their implants. Go back and review the original guidelines your prosthodontist gave you after your implant surgery. Try your best to stick with them and review them often this year.

Come to FastNewSmile® for All Your Implant Needs

Our talented staff can give you the smile of your dreams and improve your mouth’s overall health. We have years of experience guiding our patients through their dental implant procedures and do our best to make sure they’re happy with the results of their surgery. If you’d like to learn more or have questions, contact us today!