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Oct 06, 2017

Candy Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Implants and Smile Healthy

Candy Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Implants and Smile Healthy

This season candy will be out in every store, and if you are someone that has kids, you will most likely be finding candy wrappers in the laundry for the weeks to come.

Although it is common knowledge that candy isn’t the best food for your smile, prohibiting yourself from enjoying candy every now and then will make the temptation too irresistible. Here are some of our tips for maintaining the integrity of your teeth implants and your natural smile, while also taking part in some of the sugary snack breaks that are common this time of the year.

Hard Candies Are Not Friendly with Teeth Implants

Your dental implant work may be durable, but there is a reason for a lifetime guarantee; nothing is unbreakable. During the fall season your teeth implants are susceptible to falling victim to hard candies like lollipops and Jolly Ranchers.

Not only are these types of treats difficult on your natural teeth due to the excess of sugar that is released during consumption, but your teeth implants and other dental work are also at risk with these treats.

Hard candies have the power to crack your teeth implants or become lodged between your teeth and be left to cause further damage on your extensive dental work.

Chewy Candies Won’t Pop Your Implants Out

For those who have lived with dentures for years, you understand the struggle of chewy caramels and taffy during the fall season. With dentures, your mouth always ran the risk of taking too deep of a bite and then resulting in an embarrassing reveal of your dental problems.

However, if you already have a set of teeth implants, you already know that implants are Diabetic-friendly and that sugars will not damage your dental work like it would a regular set of teeth. Also, you can chew your chewy treats without the fear of something catastrophic occurring.

Yes, these candies are among the worst for a natural set of teeth because they are exposed to sugar for longer periods of time than normal. As oral professionals we advise candy eaters to remember, the longer time exposed to sugar, means a quicker trip down the road with further dental implant repair.


Like Your Teeth? Avoid Sour CandiesSour Candies Could Lead to Teeth Implants

Sour candies like Sour Patch Kids and Warheads are a popular hand-out during the Halloween season. However, it should be known that the acidic elements that give these candies their desired flavor, also present a danger to your teeth and tongue. These types of candy when eaten in large amounts, may even result in enamel loss which is an irreversible problem.


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