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FastNewSmile® Sequence of Appointments

Finals in 24 Hours

Delayed Finals



You must first schedule a free dental implant consultation.

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At this visit we will make impressions and take photos. We will also help you pick the shade, size and style of your FastNewSmile®. Generally, we can schedule your 1 day dental implant FastNewSmile® procedure within 1-2 weeks later.

*We will always offer you to stay on the day of our consultation for the Work-Up Appointment, schedule permitting



Today is the day we will give you your temporary permanent non-removable smile. You will come to our office in the morning and leave that day with your implanted teeth.



Our milling unit will make the final permanent teeth overnight. You will come to the office the day and we will deliver your final implant teeth.


After your tissue has healed we will be ready to make your finals! At this time you can let us know if there is anything you would like to change about the way your smile looks [color, shape, size]. We will make you a brand new set of implant teeth.



Every 6 months you will have to schedule a maintenance appointment. At these appointments we will evaluate your implants and clean your FastNewSmile® teeth.

This is a good option for patients who travel far to see us. Please keep in mind having 24 Hour Finals might require future adjustments to your new teeth as your soft tissue and gums settle down. With this option you must be paid in full at the time of your work-up appointment; keep in mind that we do offer financing options

With this option you have permanent teeth on the day of surgery. We will see you for periodic post-ops to check on your tissue and gums, and make sure everything is healing properly before proceeding to your final teeth. We can make any changes in shape, size or color for the final teeth.

Please note for this option payments can be phased along with other financing options.

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16 Highlighted Reviews

October 15, 2020

I couldn't agree more with others on here. From the start I finally had hope after a year with dentures that would not stay in my mouth at all. I had little to no bone to support dentures. No eating food, hiding out from people, etc. I became really despondent. All the other "dentists" gave me no hope and some were totally incompetent. My first visit was the Dallas office. I came in after talking with a delightful girl named Lexi on the phone. She was able to get me in right away. Although I live in Ft. worth, I was desperate. They did all of the x-rays to determine my bone situation. Imagine my joy when they told me they could help me! Not only that, but they squeezed me in for the procedure to be done in their Ft. Worth clinic to make it easier on my husband who is not comfortable navigating Dallas which we really appreciated! Every step of the process went so smoothly. These dentists are very articulate and skilled. Dr. Azzouz is the dentist that did my implants and bone grafts and he is amazing!! I just love him! My husband was impressed with him as well. He is very personable, explains everything, and is great with questions. Not only that, but Dr. Azzouz goes the extra mile on everything. I honestly can't speak highly enough about him. I am so thrilled with him and what he has done for me. I have given his info to friends with no reservations. He is a God send?

November 15, 2021

I have had my permanent teeth since June. Got postponed because of Covid-19. Dr. Almasri and the professional people at Fastnewsmile Dental Implant Center made this the easiest thing I have ever dealt with. For all of you that complain about the cost, what would you pay for a new truck? I am driving a 1982 Chevy Silverado and love it. What I would pay for a new truck can't even compare to what it feels like to kiss my wife, eat like a normal person and most of all be able to smile. The best Christmas present I have ever had is my wife telling me that I had a pretty smile while we were at a Christmas get together. 42 years married and I never dreamed that I would hear that. Like Nike says.... Just Do It!!!!

December 15, 2020

I spent 2+ years dealing with failing teeth and fears about taking the plunge into full mouth dental implants. An acquaintance went to FNS and praised both the doctors and staff highly, so I had a consultation and decided to have the procedure finally. Although the first couple of weeks were definitely unpleasant, the outcome is amazing! I can smile, eat normally, and feel like my old self again! Doctor Azzuz is wonderful, and the staff is amazing! Thank you for making an arduous procedure as comfortable as possible!

January 1, 2021

I went to Fast New Smiles with terrible teeth. I had teeth that were falling out that I used fixodent every few hours just to look halfway presentable. It was so embarrassing and caused me so much stress. I finally broke down and went to Fast New Smiles for a consultation. It was so informative and I was surprised to see how affordable it was. I decided to go ahead with it and I was amazed how easy and painless the procedure was. I went in on December 7th and left with a new set of temporary teeth that same day. It was amazing. I had a few follow up visits where they checked my progress to make sure I was healing properly On April 28th I was fully recovered and got my permanent teeth put it. I was so happy The staff at Fast New Smiles were so friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who is struggling with loose or missing teeth. Great Job!

January 15, 2021

I came into Fast New Smiles back in October 2020. A friend had rec amended them highly! When I first talked with Dr. Azzouz DDS,Ms about the problems I had with my teeth which were broken and infected I felt he understood what I was going through and what it was doing to my health. Within a few days I had a new wonderful set of teeth and no pain! I would highly recommend him and his wonderful staff to anyone that needs this kind of help and get rid of that pain!!