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Our Unique Milling Unit

We are the only prosthodontist offices in Dallas-Fort Worth to have this special milling technology. Having this unit in our in-office lab allows us to have all the control; we no longer need to outsource any of our patient’s cases. We can make your teeth while you wait with precision and quality.

The unique FastNewSmile® Wet Heavy Metal milling unit combines the vast experience in CAD/CAM technology and the production of millable materials with new technological insights. A casing of tempered and UNI ISO certified Sicurit glass, in high quality design, withstands all vibrations.

This unit can mill titanium and ziroconia material which is vital for our dental implant treatment. The FastNewSmile® Wet Heavy Metal milling unit permits the elaboration of all structures needed for the manufacturing of a complex dental restoration in a single milling process. 

unique m4 milling unit
unique milling unit front
unique milling unit angle
unique milling unit angle
unique milling unit angle

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