Bridge Implants

An implant bridge is one of the options you have for replacing a few missing teeth, and FastNewSmile® Dental Implants & Cosmetics™ in the Dallas-Fort Worth area may recommend this type of dental implant treatment during your initial consultation.

Getting a Dental Bridge or Implant Bridge in the DFW Area

An implant bridge is fitted to the patient’s mouth so that it matches perfectly to its’ surrounding teeth. Your first visit will include a consultation and 3D CT Scan where your options are discussed. On the day of surgery, an appropriate number of dental implants will be placed; usually two, but that is dependent on how many teeth are being supported. After the dental implants are placed, we will then either attach a permanent temporary bridge that is not removable, or give the patient a removable partial. We allow our patients to choose what kind of temporary they receive prior to surgery.

What are the benefits of getting a bridge implant?

It’s not uncommon for people to live with missing teeth for years, decades, or even their entire lives. However, getting an implant bridge can have some impressive benefits, even if the bridge is on a tooth that’s not visible when you smile.

It’s also not uncommon to assume that bridges are a purely cosmetic feature in the mouth, but an improvement in your smile and your self-confidence aren’t the only ways a bridge can offer excellent benefits.

Here are a few of the reasons you might want to consider an implant bridge:

  • An implant bridge will help keep your natural, remaining teeth in place so they don’t shift around and become likely to fall out.
  • Chewing and eating are easier when you have a full set of teeth, and an implant bridge is an excellent way to return to having a full set of teeth.
  • A bridge may reduce the look of sunken cheeks and an uneven jawline, which can boost your self-confidence about your appearance.
  • Implants are a long-lasting option for replacing missing teeth that are designed to offer you years of use and comfort, as long as they’re well-maintained. New techniques for installing and securing implant bridges have increased which means you might not have to worry about missing teeth for the rest of your life.

Getting back to “normal” with a new implant bridge

An implant bridge is designed to blend into your mouth like real teeth. While you may need to spend a little time getting used to the implants after they are first installed, it shouldn’t be long until you completely forget that you have an implant bridge. You’ll smile, chew, and speak without thinking about the fact that you once had dental implants placed in your mouth.

If poor dental hygiene led to your original tooth loss, it’s essential to adopt good brushing and flossing techniques after you’ve had your implant bridge placed. Treating your bridge like natural teeth will help ensure that it lasts as long as possible and is an asset to your smile for years to come.

Implant bridges from fastnewsmile® dental implants & cosmetics™

Do you have questions about dental bridges? Would you like to learn more about your options for dental implants? Don’t risk further damage to your remaining teeth by failing to consider a bridge or dental implant for your missing teeth. Call us to set up a free consultation at any of our Dallas-Fort Worth area locations, and we’ll show you how an implant bridge can change your life for the better.

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