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Traveling Far? That’s Okay, Lots Of Our Patients Do! We Can Have You In And Out With Brand New Teeth In Just 24 Hours.

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Do A Virtual Consult To Get Your Teeth In 24 Hours

If you’re worried about having to travel far for teeth in a day, the team at FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center has you covered! Lots of our valued patients come from outside of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. No matter how far your travel is, we guarantee you can be in and out of our offices with brand new teeth in 24 hours!

Consult With Our Prosthodontists From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

We know that the ability to get All-On-4 dental implant surgery isn’t an option in all areas. Many potential patients outside of Dallas-Fort Worth pass us by because they believe the surgical process will involve several back and forth trips.

We believe in giving everyone the chance to have a gorgeous smile and that’s why we recommend our virtual consultation option for out of area patients. As with any consultations we offer, you’ll get to:

  • Meet your Prosthodontist
  • Discuss your oral care needs
  • Get an estimated quote for a FastNewSmile®


1.Virtual Consultation
We recommend this first

2.In Person Consult/Pre-op Appointment
*This happens on the same day. It is best to start as early in the day as possible as the pre-op takes about 2-3 hours. Surgery is the next day.

3.Post Ops
*It is recommended that the pt be seen anywhere from 1-3 weeks after surgery for a check up. If the pt cannot make it back we can figure out an alternative plan.

Set Aside Time For Pre-Op And Day Of Surgery

Keep in mind that while our procedure will have you in and out of our office within a day, your in-person consultation and pre-op aren’t factored into that schedule.

The pre-op prep alone takes between 2 and 3 hours. With that time frame in mind, we recommend checking into one of our local hotels the day of your consultation/pre-op and stay the night before the big procedure.

This allows you ample time to mentally prepare for the surgery, and get to our offices on-time and ready to welcome a new smile into the world.

Get Home The Day Of Surgery!

If you’re eager to go home and show off your new smile after the procedure, we say, be our guest. However, please remember to bring someone along to drive you home. You will be recovering with an IV intact and unable to drive on your own directly following dental implant placement.

Flexible Post-Operation Options

Generally, we recommend that our patients come back between one and three weeks for a follow-up appointment. This ensures that dental implant surgery was successful, and is an option to help you with any postoperative questions and routine care concerns patients may have.

However, if you can’t make the trip out for a standard postoperative follow-up, our offices are happy to work out an alternative plan for your situation.

Want A Zirconia Upgrade?

Fastnewsmile Can Accommodate You!

Although Hybrid material dental implant teeth are amazing for most candidates, some may have the desire for the Zirconia teeth upgrade we offer to all of our patients.

The initial Zirconia teeth impressions and try-in process takes roughly two days and can’t be completed until two months after the initial implant surgery. This gives patients plenty of time to make arrangements and prepare to further improve their head-turning new teeth.

Schedule A Free Consultation With Fastnewsmile Today!

Don’t let distance keep you from taking the steps towards possessing a smile to be proud of. Let the team at FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Centers help you make plans from wherever you are! Contact us today to schedule your free virtual consultation and find out if you’re a candidate for our life-changing procedure.