Hear stories about real dental implant patient experiences. These patients have chosen to share their stories in hopes to inspire potential patients. With their stories we hope you find comfort and gain the confidence to contact us today for your free consultation!

Patient Video, Zakary N

Zakary N.

From a young age, Zakary had been dealing with a lot of dental issues he couldn't escape from. Originally resigned to getting dentures, he discovered a better and more comfortable option.

Patient Video, Tijuan E

Tijuan E.

After years of hopping from dentist to dentist, Tijuan wanted a permanent solution that didn't take years to complete.

Patient Video, Michael E

Michael E.

Michael had a bridge that kept coming loose. As a racing driver, he couldn't risk the bridge coming loose while behind the wheel, especially during a violent event.

Patient Video, Michael G

Michael G.

After paying for expensive crowns and root canals, which were not offering a permanent solution to his dental issues, Michael decided to do something different.

Patient Video, Christina L

Christina L.

Christina tragically lost her teeth when she was 28 years old, and had been wearing dentures ever since.

Rosemary G.

Rosemary shares how dental issues, from the age of 13, have impacted her life and how FastNewSmile has given back her confidence.

Denise S.

Denise shares her personal struggles from dental issues and how FastNewSmile has transformed her life.

Darrell S.

Darrell shares how restricted his life was prior to the One Day Teeth Replacement procedure. He is now more confident to meet and engage with people.

Shawn S.

My teeth had deteriorated so much I was always worried one of my front teeth would fall out and I would not be able to present myself as a true professional.

Douglass G.

Mr. Grassmann shares the limitations in life before the FastNewSmile®. He describes his new smile as “epic.”

Garth R.

Garth shares what life and dental treatment was like before he came to FastNewSmile® Dental Implants & Cosmetics. His only regret is that he wishes he had the procedure sooner.

Judy L.

Mrs. Judy is no longer fading into the background now that she has a beautiful new smile.

Kathy S.

Kathy discusses previous dental issues and her experience with Dr. Almasri. After the procedure she feels more confident.

Kerrill C.

Having struggled with dentures for over 30 years, Kerrill shares how the FastNewSmile® procedure changed his life.

Kyle K.

Having been told this procedure was impossible, Kyle shares how Dr. Almasri’s FastNewSmile® has changed his life.

Lyssa R.

I spent about 3 months researching the All on 4 procedure and even longer searching for the right doctor.

Michael W.

Mr. Whitehead shares how people notice something is different about him, but can’t quite figure out what it is. The answer, a new natural looking and functioning smile.

Nathan S.

Nathan shares how he was unable to eat certain foods and avoided social gatherings, until his FastNewSmile® procedure.

Randy R.

Feeling more confident that ever, Randy shares how he felt prior to his FastNewSmile®, and how his life has changed.

Carl K.

Carl shares how Dr. Almasri’s FastNewSmile® procedure allows him to enjoy his favorite foods again. He no longer worries about the foods he eats!

Patient Stories

Read stories about real patient experiences. These patients have chosen to share their stories in hopes to inspire potential patients. With their stories we hope you find comfort and gain the confidence to call us today for your free consultation!

Zakary N. Patient, Zakary N.

Zakary N.

Before Fast New Smile, life was pretty painful. I had a lot of really crazy teeth issues, and a lot of broken teeth. There was just really no escaping it. I feel like I would go to the dentist, spend a fortune, and get some things fixed. And before I could wind up back for the next phase of the appointment, something else would happen.

And also just being kind of embarrassed, you know, when you are someone who does care about your appearance and what you portray to the world.

I called Fast New Smile because it was kind of my last-ditch effort. I actually called originally, because I had kind of thrown in the towel and given up and was actually coming in for regular dentures.

I was so glad when I came in and Dr. Almasri talked me out of that and talked to me into a Fast New Smile because I think for my age and for my lifestyle, it was just much more comfortable and convenient not having to deal with taking teeth in and out.

When I came in for my consult, I think the deciding factor was really just comfort. I think everybody in the office from start to finish just makes you feel really comfortable and really at ease. Of all of the dental providers that I had been to before, I felt like Dr. Almasri was just the most thorough. He really was able to walk me through every step of the process and answer every question, and it made me feel really comfortable, so I signed up that day.

My surgery day experience was actually great. I was super nervous, and I was met by the surgical assistant who was getting me ready. She really just put me at ease, every step of the way.

Honestly, it was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I don't think people realize how much of an imposition bad teeth are on your life. When you fix that, or you finally get to the end of your rope where you're kind of like, "Where do I go next?", and you find somebody who has the answer for you, it's a game-changer.

Tijuan E. Patient, Tijuan E.

Tijuan E.

Life for me before Fast New Smile included a whole bunch of dentist-hopping. I was going from dentist to dentist, and I wanted to find someone that could do something for me that didn't take years to complete. Well, the reason I called Fast New Smile is actually because I met one of the employees at the nail shop and we did kind of a question-answer.

The deciding factor was the customer service that I received here. There was about seven months between my consultation and when I actually decided to come in to get my Fast New Smile, I did not feel pressured.

The surgery day experience was actually easy breezy. It was what they told me, it would be. I came in super nervous and I was basically in and out. I came in that morning, went to sleep, and woke up with the new smile! The reason that it took me so long to make a decision is because I am terrified of dentists. So I was very afraid that it was going to hurt me, especially when they told me that I was getting a full mouth of teeth taken out. There was little to no pain.

After any dental procedure, I think there's always a fear of your speech being compromised. Because I spend 90% of my time on the phone, I was very concerned about that. However, within 24 hours of getting the procedure done, I was dispatching again.

If I could describe my life after the Fast New Smile, it would be happier. Now I am more confident, more outgoing, and I smile all the time!

Michael E. Patient, Michael E.

Michael E.

Before Fast New Smile, my life was uncomfortable because I had a bridge on the right side of my mouth that kept coming loose. It had been in for 40 years and needed to be replaced. I race cars and inside the car, it's very violent. And if the bridge came loose while I'm racing and it's violent, I could've swallowed the bridge. That would be very dangerous, o I decided I needed to get this done as fast as I could.

I chose to call Fast New Smile. My surgery day at Fast New Smile was really awesome. I woke up, I had my new teeth in, I was in the recovery room, my wife was there, and everything was wonderful.

Fast New Smile, when they did the implants, they really made it comfortable for me to choose the color of the teeth that I wanted. The implants that they did for me, made my smile look like my original smile. The color was perfect. People that have known me for 20 or 30 years had no clue that I even had the implants done. And it was really awesome.

Now that I have my new smile, it's really been comfortable racing again. Being in the car, it's very violent and I don't have to worry about swallowing my bridge anymore. The implants have been awesome. I would recommend Fast New Smile, most confidently, because they did an awesome job for me.

Michael G. Patient, Michael G.

Michael G.

I started having to pay for crowns and for root canals. Last year I spent $17,000 just on that alone. I was frustrated because my crowns were snapping off, another tooth was going to go bad, and I finally said to myself, I'm going to do something different. So I decided that I was going to do some research and I wanted to get a consultation here.

When I came for my consultation at Fast New Smile, the reason why I knew it was the place for me, was that I felt like I mattered at the front desk. 

When I got into the consultation room, everything was explained to me step by step. No one was trying to pressure me to buy anything. No one was trying to make me feel like I had to do something today.

I was given more information than I even thought I would get. And I was told to just go think about it and let us know if you have any more questions, you know? And so I felt safe. You're talking about a guy who was afraid of needles and afraid of novocaine. And I come in here, I take a happy pill and next thing you know, I'm walking out of here looking like a movie star.

So, it was the most amazing experience. Here, I am 10 days later. Okay. And you would not even know I did it except the fact that was like a million bucks. Do you know what I mean? I feel incredible. Absolutely incredible.

So one of my concerns coming to Fast New Smile  during the pandemic was. Is it going to be safe for me?

Right. So I have an elderly father who I really care for. And I also am a high-risk cause of a medical condition. I've had most of my life. So the minute I walked through the door, my temperature was taken. All the protocols were being taken care of, there was sanitizer everywhere you look. I just felt like it was a safe, healthy environment. 

And that was the one thing I was looking for, you know? Well, those protocols being taken care of. So I came to the conclusion that FastNewSmile® was the right place for me to get this done during this difficult time we're having during the pandemic. 

This is probably the best decision I've made in my entire life. And I'm excited to see what's going to happen from here on out.

Christina L. Patient, Christina L.

Christina L.

28 years ago, I was married to this man. We were really, only married for three days. Because on our honeymoon, he went into this rage and he shattered my jaw teeth, and my nose, and broke my cheekbone, and as well as other bones, but this (face) was the most damage. Eventually, they put a bridge up here and because I wasn't getting the pressure on the bone, my bone started to deteriorate.

So I ended up losing all of them at 28 years old. So I had those dentures for 28 years. I went to go see a lot of different periodontists and other dental implant centers, and things like that, before I chose Fast New Smile, and Fast New Smile was the first one that I went to.

First of all, I was really impressed by their whole presentation, and the staff is incredible. On the day of my surgery, it was actually a really good experience. I didn't want to do this because I was expecting excruciating pain, but I knew I had to, I just had to. There was no pain, and I didn't even take any pain pills. It was great. I am a lot more confident. I mean, I talk to everybody now.

I smile a lot. I don't worry about going and getting something to eat because I'm afraid my teeth are going to come out. I'm extremely happy. Extremely! 

Lyssa R.

Lyssa R.

If you are researching any type of implant procedure and looking for the best team to accommodate your specific needs, please take a min and read this.

I spent about 3 months researching the All on 4 procedure and even longer searching for the right doctor. Specifically, one that would understand my needs. As sad as it is, many places will tell you what you want to hear in order to close a sale.Being disingenuous is not the way to win over a patient that already has one foot out the door. If you are reading all the reviews about FNS you’ll see a very common theme, it’s how they feel about Dr. Almasri and his staff. I never gave much thought about the importance of a strong staff,until I was in their care.

FEAR - I can relate.
I am Trypanophobic
Fear of all medical/dental procedures involving needles and surgery.
Approximately 10% of the population is said to have this particular phobia.

EMBARRASSED - When I was 11, I smashed my four front teeth on the end of a balance beam.

Many procedures and an impatient dentist later, I developed a phobia. I no longer had my pretty teeth, I had awkward looking crowns.

RIGHT CHOICE -When I found Dr. Almasri I had already consulted with 4 different places. I was not expecting anything different. I actually received a *certified* letter from one i specialist I met with in Aug .Basically, he decided to not move forward with my treatment. He explained that with my trypanaphobia and complicated work “ he did not feel he could help. He added that we lacked a connection he was used to having with patients..

It should be noted, this was weeks after I refused to be pressured into scheduling with him.

TRUST- Fast New Smile- I was IMMEDIATELY put at ease by Kelly. I explained my history..She listened to me.She was compassionate promised that I was in good hands. Unlike other consults, where I was told ‘ we deal with people like you all the time’ that was simply not true and it was a deal breaker for me. Kelly assured me that they have patients with all levels of fear and they would work with me .

When I met Dr. Almasri during that same consult, he listened to me and I listened to him. He assured me he could help. I believed him but true to my nature, was still a little apprehensive. Thankfully, his words and confidence resonated with me it and it ended up being the smartest decision I would make.A few days later I made the call.

WORK UP APPT - Kelly was instrumental in getting me to my work up appointment. When I called her expressing my anxiety ( too much internet research ) she was so supportive and patient with me. The work up was actually fun and I got to meet the AMAZING team. Brent, Trina and wonderful Dr. Caffroni. They made the whole experience super comfortable. I am normally a ham when I see a camera, but smiling?…big smiling…was out of my comfort zone. They do this everyday and will put your mind at ease.

It was during my work up that Dr. Almasri came in and talked to me about how “we” were going to get me through the IV process. His including “me” in the plan was comforting.

SURGERY DAY -The surgery was PAINLESS…the IV was my biggest fear, the surgery was secondary. I did not feel the IV at all.. one minute was blabbing about something, next it was like I blinked and I was done.

He did something amazing for me. First, he kept his promise about my being in good hands. I felt very safe and cared for. He took away the pain that plagued my everyday life. More importantly ,he had restored my trust With his encouraging words and compassionate bedside manner. I can honestly say that I would trust Dr. Almasri with my life.

He did an incredible job. It’s one week later and I am doing great. I want to help others that are struggling to find the right doctor. If you feel overwhelmed by ALL the places to choose from.I am hoping this helps you in some way.

Watch his videos and believe what his patients are saying.

Not only do they change lives…every once in a while they save one.

Shawn S.

Shawn S.

I am a Business consultant and do a lot of client facing business. My appearance to my clients is important. My teeth had deteriorated so much I was always worried one of my front teeth would fall out and I would not be able to present myself as a true professional. I had lost most of my very back teeth but so far none of my front. I knew I had to do something.

I had seen various commercials on tv and did check into them. I wasn’t impressed because I felt that I was not going to be treated as a patient, only a ‘sale’ to be had by these companies. I was told by the sales consultant he was certified, but when I asked how, he said he was certified by Archpoint and could not explain what it was he knew. He had no basic knowledge of my dental issues and how to handle them.

I had a fear of dentists which contributed to my dental problems. I had gone to Archpoint and Clear Choice…and never felt comfortable. I came to Dr. Almasri’s office and when they wanted me to sit in the dental chair, I panicked. Dr. Almasri came in and told me I could sit anywhere. His continued calm demeanor and friendliness made me settle down. He explained in detail what was happening inside my mouth and what he could do to make it better. His sense of humor and his chair side manner were very calming. I instantly felt that I was a patient and not just a $ in someone’s business. The environment and Dr. Almasri’s staff were very friendly.

I will admit, I was scared. Thinking about what was going to happen and how in the world there would be no pain??!! The instructions leading up to surgery day were very concise and the expectations were outlined in detail. I was very comfortable and to this day am still amazed that there literally was NO PAIN. I never needed the pain meds or was surprised as to what did or would happen. I walked out with a great smile and was shocked at how easy the whole day went. I had beautiful teeth and never looked back.

Once I had the surgery I felt much more secure in my appearance and confident. I was about to get married and knew that with my new smile, our pictures would be so much better, which they were. My new husband and I travel and recently, while at a resort, I had someone from the UK, came up to me and tell me what a beautiful smile I had, and asked if they were my teeth. I said, “yes, they are my teeth” (hell, I paid for them blush). He said he was very jealous of my smile.

I am Confident! I know now that when I smile, there are no gaps or fear of any of my teeth falling out. I look at all the pictures of our travels and have confident that my smile is perfect.

Teresa R.

Teresa R.

If I have one word to describe my new Fast New Smile, it would be “invigorated.” I feel completely “ invigorated!”

I had became a prisoner in my own home, I had lost my smile, I could not talk correctly, I didn’t know when my temporary bridge would break off & I could not eat for over 9 months. My daughter & husband was embarrassed by me & I was embarrassed for them & for myself. I was devastated by the dental care that I had received. I hid behind the walls of my house. I was faced with the uncertainty of my future that would be difficult in the condition of my teeth. I looked old & so sad, the condition of dental care was ignored by my dentist.

After 3 years of poor dental care, mismatched bridges of various color & failed implants, I saw Dr. Almasri on the TV & he talked about the Fast New Smile, the advantages of it & it’s lifetime guarantee. He seemed genuine & very honest. He seemed to want the very best for his patients & encouraged people to come in for a free consult & 3 D CT Scan. I then called & made the appointment for my evaluation. At my consult, there was no wait time, I was taken back immediately for my CT Scan, then spent over an hour with Kelly & Dr. Almarsi discussing my treatment & cost. They were genuine, honest & they cried with me.

I had my surgery for the failed implant removal & new ones for the Fast New Smile all in one day, they were so caring & professional. I had relatively no pain, just some soreness! I had the most beautiful smile & I was able to begin eating within days of my surgery! The post-op Care was amazing, Dr Almasri called to check on me later that day while going through the doors for the delivery of his child the evening of my surgery!

I feel as though I am now a part of their family, the family of professional, beautiful, Fast New Smiles! They are honest & sincere. I have never had dental care as great as I have with Dr Almasri & his staff. When thinking of getting implants, go to a prosthodontist, not just any dentist. Remember that you get what you pay for! Don’t spend $30,000 to a dentist, only to need it repeated by a prosthodontist, one who specializes in implants like I did!

Denise S.

Denise S.

My life before FastNewSmile consisted of daily pain and suffering, not to mention the lack of confidence I had developed. I would spend anywhere from two to 4 hours a day in front of a mirror trying to either temporarily repair a tooth that had broken recently or just trying to make my smile more presentable for other people to see. My husband is who initially told me about FastNewSmile and Dr Almasri. He saw a commercial and the lifetime warranty caught his attention.

After our initial consultation and meeting the staff and the doctor, we could see and feel the level of care and concern everyone has there. They really make you feel like you are important and the doctor makes you feel and believe you are in the best hands possible for this type of procedure. We had no doubt and no interest in going anywhere other than FastNewSmile after our very first visit.

The day of the surgery I had the normal fears and “jitters” but Dr. Almasri and his whole team made me feel completely at ease and comfortable. Dr. Almasri walked me through the whole procedure and what to expect through the whole process and made me feel completely secure and trust that he and his team would take the best care of me possible, and they did exactly that. Everything went exactly as planned and as he said it would, and to this day he and his staff are still making me feel important and at ease, and that they will always continue to take care of me, my needs, and that I’m in good hands.

Dental implant surgery immediately impacted my life in great ways. I have been given a beautiful smile that gets compliments almost every day, even by complete strangers while I’m just out in public running errands or shopping. My dental implants have given my confidence back and I no longer hide my mouth and teeth when I’m talking to people. The implant surgery even led me to an offer to model for a company to promote their brand just days after my surgery. This is just the beginning, I know great things lie ahead for me now just because I don’t have the insecurity of wondering what people are thinking about my teeth. I know they are looking at them and thinking how beautiful my smile is. It’s hard to put into words the difference that having this procedure done has made in my life. I guess it would have to come down to confidence or shameless. By taking away any shame I used to carry on my shoulder every time I smiled because of the fear of what people thought of my teeth, It has boosted my confidence level up a ton. I’m longer embarrassed to talk to anyone at anytime. I can go up to strangers and speak without fear of what they are thinking or having to hide my mouth with my hand. I can have an assertive attitude to go along with my smile to help me go after that job interview I probably would not have even tried before. A good word would be opportunity. I will always be grateful to Dr. A and the staff at FastNewSmile for being who they are and doing what they do.

Rosemary G.

Rosemary G.

Before the FastNewSmile®, I was VERY conscience of myself and my presence around others. I would limit my speech, smile and personality just so my teeth didn’t show. That was all very hard because I have a friendly personality and love to laugh and make others laugh. I waited a very long time to fix my smile. It was always something I knew I would be able to fix, but just needed to wait for the technology to catch up. After some initial research I narrowed down a few practices in the DFW area. My main draw to FastNewSmile®, was the experience Dr. Almasri had. He seemed educated and very knowledgeable in the field. Most tooth implant practices seemed to cater to geriatric aged patients while FastNewSmile®, had a wide age range of patients. Given my age of 33, I wanted to visit a practice that would be able to address my personal dental issues. During my initial consultation the staff was very professional and sensitive to my issues. They treated me with care and understanding. The hardest part for me was making the initial phone call and visiting the office. I didn’t immediately schedule treatment after my consultation. Dr. Almasri’s office made sure to follow-up and check in. They were eager to work with me to fix my issues, which is not something I experienced with any of the other practices I had visited. Their eagerness put me at ease and I knew they were the practice I wanted to work with. They are knowledgeable, friendly and care about their patients and it was very apparent from the first visit.

The day of dental implant surgery was super easy and the staff was very professional. I had anxieties about the procedure, but the staff was able to put my worries away. Shortly after my arrival I was asleep and in what seemed like only a few minutes, I was ready for the placement of my new smile. The rest was super easy and painless!

It’s crazy how in just a few hours the 20 years of dental issues I had disappeared. Thanks to my implant procedure, I no longer have pain, anxiety or embarrassment relating to my smile. I feel much more liberated and more connected during conversations with family, friends and strangers. I feel ALIVE! I can just LIVE. I can just go about my routine and not limit myself or even think about my previous dental issues.

James E.

James E.

Before I had the FastNewSmile® I had really bad teeth. I was very self-conscious of this and would always avoid showing my teeth when smiling. I didn’t like laughing because I was afraid people would be able to see how bad my teeth were. After I had the FastNewSmile® procedure done it took some getting used to, but now I smile all the time. I laugh more and I have more confidence. I am no longer embarrassed by my teeth.

People notice when I smile now. It’s nice when you can tell people notice something different about you, but they are not quite sure what it is. I have people I don’t even know tell me how beautiful my smile is now. That is a GREAT feeling. The main difference in my life since I’ve had this procedure is that I’m just a lot happier. I don’t mind smiling for pictures and I can eat anything I desire! If I could use one word to describe my experience, it would be awesome!! I would recommend this procedure because that feeling of confidence and happiness knowing you have a beautiful smile is such a stress relief. It is totally worth the money spent.

Michael W.

Michael W.

Before I had the FastNewSmile®, dental work was not a pleasant experience. I inherited bad teeth with little surface enamel and unfortunately endured more than my fair share of cavities. Being a military brat, and serving twenty three years in the Navy, I rarely saw a dentist twice a year. I suffered an injury in a bicycle accident when I was a boy; landing squarely on my mouth, head first. My two front (permanent) teeth were literally loose to the touch. For three months my diet consisted of apple sauce, apple sauce, and more apple sauce. Years later, my upper central incisor snapped in two and required an emergency bridge just a few days before a public speaking engagement. Trauma to my natural teeth had taken its toll. Crowns cost a fortune and dental insurance did not pay but a small portion of work that needed to be done.

The FastNewSmile® has changed my life because I love to smile and make others smile. Now, I have a smile that I can truly be proud of. My smile makes me happier and it is more fun to go out and eat a great steak! One word I would use to describe the difference this has made in my life is complete. I am a Meteorologist and a public speaker. I know my smile contributes to the personal and professional messages I deliver in life. Your smile polishes your personal and professional appearance.

If someone needed to get this procedure done I’d recommend it and say you will never be sorry of your decision. Your new smile adds to your sense of self and well-being. Your smile goes wherever you go and is one you can always depend on. You will no longer have to deal with cavities or root canals and your investment has a lifetime guarantee. Dr. Almasri and his team are true and caring professionals. They have become my friends.

Judy L.

Judy L.

Before I had the FastNewSmile® procedure I did not want to smile; I had a chipped and broken tooth in the front of my mouth. I used to love to smile before my teeth issues. The FastNewSmile® has changed my life because I am able to smile again and I love my new smile.

The main word I would use to describe the difference the FastNewSmile® has made in my life is happiness. I am now able to smile happily without putting my hand in front of my mouth to shield it. I am naturally a cheerful person and always smile when I greet people at our Church and everywhere else. Since I have had this procedure done I am back at it, smiling at everyone! I also really love to give compliments to people with a great smile; I think it is more sincere that way!

If I knew someone out there needed this procedure done I would recommend it for several reasons; most importantly for health reasons. Our mouths are tied to so many different parts of our bodies and play a huge role in our health. It was so important for my husband to have this procedure done as well because a healthy mouth leads to a healthy heart. I did not realize how many functions of the body are related to the healthiness of our mouths until we came to FastNewSmile®. Another reason, is because you will feel so much better about yourself when you have a nice smile. Your self-esteem will improve greatly because you will no longer use your hand as a shield for your mouth. You will be able to laugh freely, smile, and talk without worrying about hiding behind your hand.

Andrews D.

Andrews D.

Due to mainly to hereditary issues, I had always had weak teeth. I began getting crowns, root canals, and major fillings in my twenties. By the time I hit fifty, many of the crowns and fillings were falling out. Smiling had not been too much of an issue because I, fortunately, had a very good set of caps on my front upper teeth. The problem was that not only was dental work falling out but I was even starting to lose teeth in the back portion of my mouth; as a result, I had to be very careful eating and chewing. I also had a missing tooth in the front bottom portion of my teeth which was beginning to impede my smile. I felt I was too young for dentures, so Dr. Almasri’s solution for a complete upper and lower procedure was a great option.

Dr. Almasri and the staff at FastNewSmile® gave me the most beautiful smile in Dallas! I constantly get compliments on my smile which gives a huge boost to my self-esteem. From a more practical point of view, my chewing and oral health are the best they have ever been. The main word I would use to describe my life after the procedure would be “grin.” I am always grinning when not completely smiling. The procedure made me realize how much a less than perfect smile can affect your self-confidence and your life in general. I am very grateful to Dr. Almasri and the staff of FastNewSmile® and, of course, recommend them to anyone I know looking for dental alternatives.

Darrell S.

Darrell S.

My life before the FastNewSmile® was very limited and unfulfilled. I couldn’t chew anything on the right side of my mouth for over 5-6 years. I wasn’t able to bite an apple for over 10 years. I never smiled with my mouth open, therefore I was sometimes perceived as an unfriendly person when out in public. My social circle was very small, Limited to my family only, because I didn’t want anyone to smell the bad breath or see the missing teeth. And I always took pictures with my mouth closed.

After the surgery, I finally feel alive. Never in my adult life have I felt this free. I smile all the time. My confidence level is at an all time high. I do my job as a Pastor and public speaker with much enthusiasm now. My social network is expanding, because I’m no longer afraid to smile with my mouth open or afraid that anyone will judge me because of bad breath. I can now eat anything that I want, which includes biting an apple for the first time in over 10 years! But the most exciting part for me is when I hear people say, that I have a nice smile and pretty teeth.

One word to describe my life after getting the FastNewSmile® would be “Alive”! No longer do I feel that I’m only existing. The best things in life are not the material things; it’s feeling Alive and now I have a new found purpose. Thank you Dr. Almasri; God used you and your incredible staff to give me back my life. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

Aaron H.

Aaron H.

Before the FastNewSmile I never smiled, and when I laughed I would put my hand over my mouth so no one could see how damaged my teeth were. Eating was a challenge as well. My teeth were so fragile that biting into anything, including soft foods, could break a tooth. Hot foods or cold foods, it didn’t matter, I had such sensitivity that eating became something I hated to do. In my professional life, I stopped meeting clients and having interactions with people professionally. Eventually, I took a leave of absence because speaking to and in front of people is something that I had to do in my position; it became such an embarrassment for me, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Today, I am back working and I have no reservations about smiling, laughing or talking to anyone. I smile at everyone, even people I don’t know! I no longer worry about my teeth breaking if I bite into something like a piece of pizza.

FREEDOM! I think this best describes how I feel because I used to have restrictions and limitations on myself because of my teeth. Now, all those are gone and I can do all the things I used to do without feeling self-conscious about my teeth. Today, I am proud to smile and have people smile back.

Garth R.

Garth R.

Life before my FastNewSmile® was good because every day of life is good. Although, sometimes I would find myself embarrassed when my partial would come loose after a meal with family or friends; and I would have problems with my speech.

After having the FastNewSmile® life is still good, but now I have confidence and I great smile after every meal. It’s fantastic! I never have to worry about my teeth coming loose or falling out.

Life is most excellent now!

Frantz F.

Frantz F.

One of my very best friends, someone who is more like a brother to me, is an Endodontic specialist. He told me, “I know a lot of people in this field that I can recommend to do your work. I can also recommend a doctor who I believe is one of the best for dental implant work. His name is Dr. Riad Almasri. The only problem is, he is a perfectionist; he will want everything to be perfect before you’re done.”

And that is one thing I will never forget about my experience with Dr. Almasri; he is a perfectionist. He has the eye to catch and adjust details that would be considered minor by others.

I had my surgery in April of 2014 and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. I made a few trips to Dallas to see Dr. Almasri. The complements I have received since have been over the top.

I am so happy that I listened to my brother’s advice. My new smile brought me the confidence I needed for my work. I even won an award that I got to accept at the White House; yes, I said “The White House”.This is one of the best investments I have made in my life and I am so happy I was fortunate enough to have it done by one of the best specialist!

Maribel M.

Maribel M.

I came to FastNewSmile® for a consultation because I had missing and broken teeth. I was so embarrassed I did not want to smile, I felt uncomfortable meeting new people, and I was always trying to hide my teeth. I am a professional and did not want to meet new people because I was ashamed. Dr. Almasri suggested the FastNewSmile® because I had good bone quality and thought that was the best route to take. My life since the surgery has changed tremendously! I am no longer afraid to meet new people in my profession and my family always comments on how amazing my teeth look—that they look so natural. I feel comfortable smiling again and no longer try to hide my smile.

Randy R.

Randy R.

Before the FastNewSmile® I was reserved and self conscious, I did not smile and always felt uncomfortable showing my teeth. I work in public retail so I’m around people every day. It was difficult having to talk to and meet new people all the time because I always tried to hide my smile, I did not like the crowns I had. After the surgery I no longer had to deal with pain from my teeth. I did not have to deal with root canals or any other pain related incidents with my teeth anymore. I now have the confidence I’ve always wanted and have no problem smiling or showing my teeth. The compliments I get are unbelievable, I feel comfortable talking to people and meeting new people again. With the FastNewSmile® I can eat just about anything and enjoy food again. The best word to describe my life after the FastNewSmile® smile? Confident.

Douglass G.

Douglass G.

I came into FastNewSmile® because I only had eleven teeth and had both an upper and lower partial. I was missing most of my back teeth and wanted a permanent solution. My teeth were terrible and embarrassing; I did not like to smile or show my teeth. Since the FastNewSmile®, life is much more enjoyable. I’m not embarrassed to go out in public anymore, I smile all the time, and feel more confident in myself and my smile. If I had to describe my experience after the surgery, I would say this, it was life changing.

Donna D.

Donna D.

My life before the FastNewSmile® was miserable; I did not like to smile and could not eat certain things. I saw a commercial for FastNewSmile® on TV and decided to come in for a free consultation. Dr. Almasri recommended the FastNewSmile® for both my upper and lower teeth. My life has changed drastically since getting the FastNewSmile®; it has changed 100%. I smile more often and can now eat certain things I wasn’t able to eat before.

Carl K.

Carl K.

I chose FastNewSmile® Dental Implants & Cosmetics™ because I caught the end of a segment on TV with Dr. Almasri talking about dental implants. I wanted to get something done that would help me with my deteriorating oral health so I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Almasri. After meeting him and going over my options, I decided to proceed with the FastNewSmile®. I had this fear of dentists for the longest time before coming to Dr. Almasri. After getting my teeth and seeing how Dr. Almasri cares, I no longer have that fear. The FastNewSmile® has changed my life, I’m no longer afraid to eat apples or steak; I’m just worried about my waistline!

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16 Highlighted Reviews

October 15, 2020

I couldn't agree more with others on here. From the start I finally had hope after a year with dentures that would not stay in my mouth at all. I had little to no bone to support dentures. No eating food, hiding out from people, etc. I became really despondent. All the other "dentists" gave me no hope and some were totally incompetent. My first visit was the Dallas office. I came in after talking with a delightful girl named Lexi on the phone. She was able to get me in right away. Although I live in Ft. worth, I was desperate. They did all of the x-rays to determine my bone situation. Imagine my joy when they told me they could help me! Not only that, but they squeezed me in for the procedure to be done in their Ft. Worth clinic to make it easier on my husband who is not comfortable navigating Dallas which we really appreciated! Every step of the process went so smoothly. These dentists are very articulate and skilled. Dr. Azzouz is the dentist that did my implants and bone grafts and he is amazing!! I just love him! My husband was impressed with him as well. He is very personable, explains everything, and is great with questions. Not only that, but Dr. Azzouz goes the extra mile on everything. I honestly can't speak highly enough about him. I am so thrilled with him and what he has done for me. I have given his info to friends with no reservations. He is a God send?

November 15, 2021

I have had my permanent teeth since June. Got postponed because of Covid-19. Dr. Almasri and the professional people at Fastnewsmile Dental Implant Center made this the easiest thing I have ever dealt with. For all of you that complain about the cost, what would you pay for a new truck? I am driving a 1982 Chevy Silverado and love it. What I would pay for a new truck can't even compare to what it feels like to kiss my wife, eat like a normal person and most of all be able to smile. The best Christmas present I have ever had is my wife telling me that I had a pretty smile while we were at a Christmas get together. 42 years married and I never dreamed that I would hear that. Like Nike says.... Just Do It!!!!

December 15, 2020

I spent 2+ years dealing with failing teeth and fears about taking the plunge into full mouth dental implants. An acquaintance went to FNS and praised both the doctors and staff highly, so I had a consultation and decided to have the procedure finally. Although the first couple of weeks were definitely unpleasant, the outcome is amazing! I can smile, eat normally, and feel like my old self again! Doctor Azzuz is wonderful, and the staff is amazing! Thank you for making an arduous procedure as comfortable as possible!

January 1, 2021

I went to Fast New Smiles with terrible teeth. I had teeth that were falling out that I used fixodent every few hours just to look halfway presentable. It was so embarrassing and caused me so much stress. I finally broke down and went to Fast New Smiles for a consultation. It was so informative and I was surprised to see how affordable it was. I decided to go ahead with it and I was amazed how easy and painless the procedure was. I went in on December 7th and left with a new set of temporary teeth that same day. It was amazing. I had a few follow up visits where they checked my progress to make sure I was healing properly On April 28th I was fully recovered and got my permanent teeth put it. I was so happy The staff at Fast New Smiles were so friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who is struggling with loose or missing teeth. Great Job!

January 15, 2021

I came into Fast New Smiles back in October 2020. A friend had rec amended them highly! When I first talked with Dr. Azzouz DDS,Ms about the problems I had with my teeth which were broken and infected I felt he understood what I was going through and what it was doing to my health. Within a few days I had a new wonderful set of teeth and no pain! I would highly recommend him and his wonderful staff to anyone that needs this kind of help and get rid of that pain!!