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Sep 02, 2016

Case Scenario 2


Do you have an upper denture but want a better solution? A solution that is not only permanent but has a lifetime guarantee? We had a patient that wanted this same solution. She came in with an upper denture that she “absolutely hated” and wanted to get rid of. She was tired of having a temporary fix that was not going to stay in permanently and wanted a solution that was both permanent and affordable. Her previous dentist did a bone graft procedure on her trying to build up bone so implants could be placed, which ended up getting infected. After that procedure done she was told she would need sinus surgery in order to get implants.

The patient came to our office with all of these concerns and wanted to know what her options were. After the CT Scan and meeting with Dr. Almasri, the patient found out she did not actually need sinus surgery nor did she need any bone grafting. Instead of years trying to build up bone for the implants she wanted, she was told that she could have the FastNewSmile® procedure done in one day without any of those extra procedures. The FastNewSmile® would be the permanent solution that she was looking for. Unlike dentures, the FastNewSmile® is a fixed prosthesis that allows the patient to have natural looking teeth without the hassle of a palate, and having to constantly remove the dentures.

The All-on-4™ procedure is one that gives a patient immediate results. The patient comes in, goes to sleep, and wakes up with new teeth by the end of the day. Our patient that came in with the denture had the procedure done for her upper and lower teeth. She came in, went to sleep, had implants placed and the FastNewSmile® for her upper and lower teeth all in one day. The great news about our implants and All-on-4™ procedure is the fact that we are the only dental office in Dallas and in Texas that guarantees our implants for life! We are able to guarantee our implants for life because we use Nobel Biocare’s titanium implants, the best of the best. With our maintenance program our patients are able to come in every six months to have their implants and their FastNewSmile® evaluated by Dr. Alamasri to keep our promise on the lifetime guarantee.

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Case Scenario 2 - Before
Case Scenario 2 – Before
Case Scenario 2 - After
Case Scenario 2 – After

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