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Jun 26, 2020

Is All Dental Implant Pain the Same?

Do dental implants hurt?

One of the biggest reasons patients hold off on dental implants is the fear of pain the surgery may cause. Full-mouth dental implants are a complex medical procedure that requires the patient to be under anesthetic for the duration of the surgery.

So in response to the common question about pain, we have to be honest and say, yes, you will experience some pain in the days following your dental implant procedure. However, the actual amount of discomfort you’d experience fully depends on a person’s personal pain tolerance and the extent of their surgery.

Here’s a look at some deeper information regarding pain, the healing process, and what could be causing your discomfort.

Is There a Pain Timeline Patients Should Follow?

As we’ve said before, the amount of pain experienced after your dental implant surgery is truly based on the extent of the procedure itself. While it’s difficult to determine how long a patient would experience pain, the average painful feeling is felt for around ten days.

If you still experience pain beyond ten days and into the two-week time period, there may be a complication involved like dental implant rejection or infection. If pain remains an issue after the general time period your dental implant specialist prepares you for, make sure to schedule an appointment to follow up with them as soon as possible.

How Long Do Dental Implants Take to Heal?

Directly after your surgery, you may notice substantial swelling around your face and the surgical site. This swelling should begin to subside within 3-5 days.

As far as actual dental implant healing, this process is something that you won’t be able to see since it occurs beneath your gums as the attachments solidify. This process can take between 6-9 months depending on external factors that can impact the recovery period. These factors can include:

  • The number of dental implants received
  • Issues with bone health (i.e. Osteoporosis)
  • How often a patient smokes
  • Whether the patient has external health issues like Diabetes or is currently going through chemotherapy

How Does FastNewSmile® Help Manage Pain?

We guarantee that for the duration of your actual dental implant placement, you won’t feel a thing. Our patients are placed under an anesthetic and wake up fresh with a brand new smile. However, we know that even after the block we apply for the immediate pain of the surgery wears off, some discomfort is inevitable.

Trust our team of Prosthodontists to prescribe you the most accurate amount of pain medication, as well as a helpful post-surgery care plan that will allow you to comfortably navigate your path towards healing.

Make a Change for the Better With FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center

If you’re ready to give yourself the smile you deserve but have reservations, we can help you come to a final decision. At FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center, we believe in being transparent with all of our patients and are ready to answer any questions you may have about the procedure. Our dental implant specialists have surgical experience that ranges from single tooth implants to full-mouth surgeries, so there is no worry we can’t put at ease. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for a free consultation and find out if the FastNewSmile® experience is right for you!

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