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Sep 02, 2016

E-Cigarettes Vs. Regular Cigarettes and Dental Implants

Smoking and Dental Implants do not mix

It is said that using e-cigarettes or “vaping” is healthier and safer in comparison to smoking tobacco cigarettes. While e-cigarettes may not contain the other 4,000 chemicals that are in the tobacco of regular cigarettes, there are still drawbacks when it comes to dental implants. Like regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes can still contain nicotine depending on the type of liquid used. 

The liquid used in an e-cigarette can contain varying levels of nicotine depending on how strong the user wants the nicotine flavor to be. The nicotine in both e-cigs and regular cigarettes has been shown to reduce bone growth.

What are the Effects of Smoking on Dental Implants?

When implants are placed, it is imperative for the bone to grow around the implants in order to make sure the implants are stabilized in the jaw. Nicotine can cause dental implant failure because it closes down capillaries causing restriction of blood flow which results in oxygen deprivation. This can prevent the bone from growing and can sometimes make soft fibrous tissue around the dental implant leaving it unstable. 

In addition to restriction of blood flow, smoking and nicotine can slow down the production of saliva which is a main deterrent to harmful bacteria and food particles in the mouth. Low saliva production can lead to quicker tooth decay, sore gums, and the loosening of teeth. Regardless of the preferred method for smoking, if nicotine is in either one, all of these symptoms can occur and all can contribute to dental implant failure.

Can You Vape After Dental Implant Surgery?

E-cigs and the vapor are not as detrimental to dental implants as regular cigarettes but it is best not to do either when getting dental implants. Dental implants need the proper amount of white and red blood cells in order to restore the tissue around the implant, fight off infection, and promote bone growth in order to have a successful procedure.

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