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Oct 30, 2018

Flossing After Bridge Implants

Flossing After Bridge Implants

When most people have the need for dental implants it is usually due to the loss of teeth from an accident or tooth decay. Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss and stems from a lack of flossing and other poor hygienic practices.

Flossing before it is time for you to receive dental implants is important for the health of your teeth. But what is the process directly after you have dental implants in place? The surgical area is still fresh but your mouth still needs attention.

Here are some quick tips for keeping up with your oral health after dental implant surgery.

After Implants, is Flossing Still Important?

The short answer is: flossing is always important. Even though your dental implants are not your natural teeth, they are still embedded in your gums, which still need care.

You most likely had a single implant or top bridge placed, so you will still want to avoid periodontal disease by continuing to floss. Keeping your remaining teeth in excellent health should be your main priority and regular flossing is an excellent habit to make that a possibility.

Flossing After Bridge Implants

Keep in mind that flossing with dental implants is going to be a different experience than your normal routine, especially if you have a bridge. When flossing with a bridge implant, it is important to remember that you will have to focus on the area between your bridge and your gums.

Hitting this spot in your mouth can be tricky at first, and that is why the use of a floss threader can come in handy. This tool is a lot like a sewing needle in the sense that it threads your floss through the hard-to-reach spaces of your bridge and ensures that your gums remain plaque-free.

There are also flossing brands on the market that have pre-fabricated floss with sturdier ends for a quick floss between meals.

Try Out an Oral Irrigator for Your Dental Implants

If placing physical floss in your mouth just sounds too difficult with dental implants in general, there are still ways to keep your gums plaque-free. An oral irrigator is an excellent and safe way to get the gunk away from your gums without having to overcome any special maneuvers.

An oral irrigator is essentially a small tool that jet streams water through the gaps between your teeth and gums. It has actually been proven that water flossing is more than two times as effective as general flossing practices. This is also a very recommended method for people with implants because in some rare cases, floss wax has been found between the implants and gums where it rots and begins to form peri-implant disease.

FastNewSmile Ensures Proper Post-Surgery Education

After your dental implant surgery, we know that you will have lots of questions regarding their care. At FastNewSmile, we won’t let you leave without the proper information needed to guarantee that your dental implants are going to remain secure.

If you are in need of dental implants or are curious about planning for the process, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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