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Oct 23, 2019

Dental Implants Between Gapped Teeth

Dental Implants Between Gapped Teeth

Getting dental implants is an ideal way to restore a smile. Whether you’ve lost some teeth due to an accident, age, or poor oral health, implants provide you with pearly whites that look and feel like the real thing. But what happens if you have gapped teeth? Would you still be able to get implants? What if you only have to replace your two front teeth? And if implants aren’t the best solution, are there any other alternatives?


The medical term for gapped teeth is diastema. They range from barely noticeable spaces to a distinct gap between your front teeth. As with everything else, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. While some people pay good money to make their teeth look perfectly aligned, there are also plenty of people who like and want to keep their gapped toothed smile.

If you have gaps between your two front teeth, you have several options:

1. Keep the Gaps

If you are happy with your gapped teeth and your dentist has determined that they are not affecting your health, it’s ok to keep them the way they are.

2. Braces

Orthodontics will slowly move your teeth closer together as your doctor periodically adjusts the metal brackets. In the alternative, you could use clear aligners, such as Invisalign or ClearCorrect, which require wearing customized aligners that are changed every several weeks as your teeth start shifting. If you opt for this route, talk to your dentist about the likelihood of your teeth shifting again once treatment is over.

3. Veneers

These are thin layers of porcelain placed over the enamel of each tooth to give you an even smile. They are customized to fit your teeth, make them look uniform, and close gaps. Veneers can also give you a brighter smile, and the material doesn’t stain as easily as natural teeth.

4. Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the quickest dental solutions, since it can be done in one visit. It’s also one of the most affordable. The procedure can be used to add width to both of your front teeth to close a moderate to small gap.

5. Dental Implants

Implants are an excellent permanent solution since their roots are made of titanium, which fuses well with your jawbone. And yes, you can get implants to close a gap. However, this option comes with one caveat – it would only be a practical solution for certain kinds of gaps. If your existing gap is too wide and you’re only replacing your two front teeth, you don’t want the implants to look too big or too square in comparison with the rest of your teeth. This means you may still end up with a slight gap in order to make the implants look as natural as possible.

If you’re not sure which solution is right for you, schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible. Waiting too long may cause your teeth to shift, which could result in additional gaps throughout your mouth. In addition, if you have too many gaps, they could become a breeding ground for bacteria, which could result in chronic bad breath and/or gum disease.


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