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Feb 09, 2021

How Are Loose-Fitting Dentures A Detriment to Your Health?

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Sometimes mass tooth loss is inevitable. Whether it is due to old age or poor dental hygiene, many people look to dentures as an alternative to permanent procedures like dental implants.

Although dentures may offer a temporary solution, over time, the lack of teeth will lead to jaw bone deterioration, which in turn makes dentures a less reliable resource as their grip begins to loosen.

Loose-fitting dentures may be the butt of the joke in many comedies, but in reality, the health issues they cause are no laughing matter.

Potential for Oral Yeast Infections

Many people turn to dentures as a way to eat their food as comfortably as possible. However, when dentures are loose-fitting people can chew unevenly. Although being able to chew could allow the actual problem at hand to go ignored, an uneven bite creates the potential for a nasty health condition.

When a person has a consistently uneven bite, mass amounts of saliva begin to fill up on the sides of the mouth. This excess saliva produces excess yeast in the mouth and will eventually result in an oral yeast infection.

Dentures can Cause Infectious Injuries

When dentures fail to fit properly, they become a major infection risk. As your dentures slip and slide within the mouth, they’ll begin to cause chafing and discomfort along the bridge of the mouth and the gums.

This often results in irritated, inflamed gums, which can start to bleed and become a dangerous infection risk if left unresolved.

Problems with Speaking can Become Real Health Concerns

Your teeth are essential to speaking. When people lose their teeth and decline in their ability to communicate, fitted dentures can help solve the problem.

However, loose dentures prevent people from being able to let their voices be heard. As the dentures slide around in the mouth, people using them will often begin to develop a lisp or experience uneven pressure of the denture resting on the jawbone, creating even bigger problems which we’ll detail below.

Jawbone Deterioration

Loose-fitting dentures often lead to jawbone atrophy. This means that as a result of your dentures remaining loose, the bone could eventually completely deteriorate. Unfortunately, the jawbone is unable to repair its tissue, making the impact of loose dentures permanent.

Deterioration may seem like a distant issue for denture wearers, however, as the process occurs, one can expect to experience frequent headaches and ear pain due to the discomfort surrounding the affected area.

How Can Dental Implants Help?

The All-On-4® dental implants from FastNewSmile give your mouth the look, feel, and functionality that no temporary denture could ever provide. Our teeth in a day procedure ensures that your new smile is firmly attached to your jawbone and maintains your natural facial structure for life.

With dental implants, there is no slippage, no long-term discomfort, and little to no risk of infection. Enjoy your smile the way you were always meant to with the help of our dental implant specialists.

Overcome Denture Troubles with FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Centers

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