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Mar 22, 2021

Round 3: FastNewSmile® Zirconia Bridge Vs. A Tractor!

Zirconium Dental Implant Vs Tractor

Our FastNewSmile® stress test has brought us to the greatest challenger of them all, a full-blown tractor!

Our founder, Prosthodontist, Dr. Riad Almasri, waits excitedly to find out if his Zirconia bridge can hold up against the weight of the tractor that’s about to roll over his life’s work.

“We tried to break it earlier with a GMC XL and a BMW, but nothing crushed this bad boy,” Almasri said.

“We decided to get a little bit extreme and go ahead and run over it with a big old tractor. We are going to see if it is country-proof!”

Putting FastNewSmile’s Promises to the Test

At Fast New Smile, one of the biggest benefits of receiving our dental implant services is that our implants are placed to last a lifetime. No matter what you eat or drink, our dental implants will remain in place, unscathed and looking as healthy as the day we placed them.

During our latest test that truly puts our guarantee on the line, we used a large tractor and added a couple of trailer attachments on it to make it an even heavier weight.

“We will see if this is going to crush it!” Dr. Almasri exclaims as he motions the tractor towards the implant bridge placed beneath its large tires.

The Outcome

After two thick tractor tires ran over the dental implant, Dr. Almasri rushed over the examine the results.

“I’m excited to see what happened to it.”

Upon close inspection, the two tires didn’t even leave a scratch!

“Wow! Okay, even a heavy-duty tractor, did not even break it,” Almasri said.

“This big, gigantic tractor and the nice driver that made this happen…this is amazing! Awesome! I guess we’re going to go to the next level now. An 18-wheeler, maybe? Stay tuned!”

What Can a Zirconia Bridge Do For You?

If a Zirconia bridge from FastNewSmile can hold up under the weight of a tractor, imagine how effective a bridge could be in your life. 

We guarantee that after you’ve gone through our revolutionary teeth in a day process, you will leave our office with the confidence of a person that has finally received the smile they deserve.

Zirconia bridges will hold your dental implants in place for life and allow you to talk comfortably, eat the foods you love, and continue to turn heads with your radiant smile.

Are You a Candidate for a FastNewSmile?

If the strength of a Zirconia bridge behind your smile sounds like something you want for your oral health, a FastNewSmile®  could be the solution for your dental needs.

Qualifications for our dental implant procedure are simple, and typically include the following:

  • Healthy gums
  • Non-smokers or those willing to quit
  • Relatively strong bone density in the jaw

If you know that you have issues with any of these qualifications, we have the experience to help you work around any obstacles that stand in your way. 

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