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Feb 23, 2018

Routine Cleaning Tips for Dental Implants

Cleaning Dental Implants

Dental implants may seem like a simple cure-all for the individual that has taken poor care of their natural teeth or was unlucky enough to deal with oral diseases that impacted the health of their smile.

The truth of the matter is, that dental implants are a great solution for a new smile, but are also a solution that needs to be cleaned and maintained in a specific way.

How is Cleaning Dental Implants Different From Natural Teeth?

There are two key differences between cleaning dental implants and cleaning natural teeth at a dentist’s appointment.

  1. Dental implants and natural teeth each attach to the surrounding bone in different ways.
  2. The materials from which implants are created is much different from the makeup of a natural set of teeth.

What is important to remember is that a dental implant is something that replaces the root of the tooth. The actual tooth part of your implant that is visible can be made up of several different substances that could require unique attention when maintaining at home or cleaning at a dentist’s office.

Can Dental Implants Fall Victim to Infection?

Unfortunately for those with teeth implants, even though the implant is not of natural substance, it is still very susceptible to becoming infected, much like a regular tooth. It is important to note that since both are dependent on healthy surrounding gum tissue, cleaning implant supported teeth are just as important as cleaning natural teeth.

Plaque is still something that collects on crowns of teeth implants and is something that should be removed on a daily basis. Without daily scum removal a specific infection can occur, called peri-implantus. This is a disease that ultimately results in the loss of your dental implant. This reaction can actually lead to bone loss where the implant was placed.

Should I Warn My Dentist Before a Cleaning?

Your dental hygienist should absolutely know that you have had dental implant surgery prior to your next cleaning. There are many factors that come into play when determining the types of instruments that should be used on a patient with dental implants.

With your dentist understanding that you have teeth implants in place and what they are made out of, they can then make the decisions of how to approach your dental care with the right tools in place. If your dentist knows that you have dental implants in place, these extra steps they take simply prolong the lifespan of your implant and make the procedure a success in your life.

How Should I Take Care Of My Teeth Implants at Home?

At home, you need to take care of your implants as if they were a party of your normal set of teeth. This involves brushing your teeth daily, flossing daily, and ensuring that oral care is a priority. Additional cleaning aids may be recommended by your dentist, but until that happens, just treat your teeth implants like the natural thing.

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