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Jul 29, 2022

The Starter Guide to Dental Implant Care

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Dental implants are an investment in your smile that you want to keep for life. Same-day dental implants at FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center can quickly get you on track to a perfect, permanent smile.

However, once we’ve placed your dental implants, there are several things you should consider in the days following your procedure.

Here’s a look at some of the easiest ways to keep your implant site comfortable and ensure your smile stays beautiful for years to come.

Leave Your Site Alone

We know it’s tempting to mess with on-site stitches or try to get a closer look at our work. For your implant site to properly heal, you’ll need to let stitches dissolve on their own. Messing with them will only lead to further pain, longer healing, and potential complications.

Also, stretching your mouth to get up close and personal with your surgical site puts your smile at risk. You have your whole life to enjoy your FastNewSmile®. At least for the first few days after surgery, giving your mouth as much rest as possible is best. 

Brush Your Teeth Twice a Day

Maintaining dental hygiene is important for your dental implants (more on that later). So, keeping your twice-daily brushing and flossing routine is a must. However, in the early stages of healing, we recommend a soft nylon brush that will be gentle on your dental implant site.

Use Ice for the Swelling

You’re bound to experience some inflammation at the site that could be uncomfortable. If swelling occurs, you can lightly place ice on the affected area for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. This should reduce the swelling after the first couple of days and add comfort to your healing process.

Remember, following dental implant surgery, your site is still vulnerable. So, do not chew on ice. Only apply it against your mouth.

Avoid Abrasive Oral Products

During the first few days of healing, you’ll want to keep your mouth as comfortable as possible. When brushing your teeth and flossing, it’s recommended to avoid using products that will cause extreme irritation.

Before your dental implants go in, we suggest picking up some sensitive teeth toothpaste and mouthwashes to help you keep your teeth feeling fresh.

Avoid products that include:

Keep Up With Regular Dental Appointments

Although dental implants make your smile look fantastic, you will still need to schedule regular dental appointments to keep your oral health in top shape. Strong gums and jawbones are necessary for successful dental implants.

Regular dental visits can be the ticket to making your dental implants last a lifetime.

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