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Feb 26, 2021

The FastNewSmile® Strength Test Round 2: Zirconia Bridge Vs GMC

Dental Implant Vs Denali

Last month, the dental implant specialists of Fast New Smile put their signature Zirconia bridge to the test. Fortunately for our dental implant patients who rely on Zirconia bridges for oral strength, our bridge came out unscathed after being run over by a BMW.

However, we are of the firm belief that there is always the opportunity to further prove that our products are the best dental implants a patient can invest in.


Let’s Get Heavier With Our Dental Implant Stress Tests!

Last month we ran over this same exact  Zirconia bridge using a BMW. Today, we are going to run over it using this beast, a Denali XL GMC,” our founder Dr. Almasri excitedly explained. He said that a GMC weighs substantially more than a BMW and that he was eager to run over the bridge and witness the results.

Almasri pulled out the Zirconia bridge and approached the front of the Denali XL with a mischievous smile.

“Let’s do this! We are going to put the bridge right in the way of this tire. Then we are going to ask Amanda, our driver to go ahead and go in a straight line so we can run over it!”

The engine revved up and the test began.

“Go ahead! Nice and slow! Crush it!” Almasri cheered.

How Did Our Zirconia Bridge Hold Up?

As we watched the weight of the truck travel directly over the Zirconia bridge, everyone present held their breath in excitement. After we watched the truck run over our bridge with two tires, we quickly checked to see if our beautiful Zirconia bridge held up!

Almasri reached down and picked up our tested dental implant bridge for inspection.

“It still looks brand new. It’s beautiful! This beast did not even do a scratch or a ding on this beautiful Zirconia bridge, and it still looks brand new even though this beast ran over it!” Almasri proudly stated.

“Wow! We need to do something heavier now! This is amazing!”

Why is the FastNewSmile® Zirconia Bridge the Strongest Dental Implants Around?

Getting Dental implants is a life-changing opportunity. For patients who suffer from periodontal disease or extensive jawbone loss, our All-On-4® dental implant procedure combined with a Zirconia bridge can create a durable smile that lasts for a lifetime.

What Makes a Zirconia Bridge So Durable?

In short, Zirconia is a stone that has an 8.5 hardness ranking on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness. It’s a metal that is related to titanium, and much like its sister material is extremely durable under even extensive pressure.

Start the Path to a Healthy Smile with a FastNewSmile®

The strength of our Zirconia bridge has held up against two vehicles, and we guarantee that it will hold up to anything you can put it through.

If you’re ready to find out why so many patients have taken the leap into a FastNewSmile®, we are available to schedule a free consultation to determine why you are a great fit for our procedure. Contact us today to make your appointment for a FastNewSmile®.

Do you think our bridge can hold up against a larger, heavier piece of machinery?

Stay in touch with us to find out the results of future stress tests! Next month we will have a tractor try to break our reigning champion.

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