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Jun 07, 2017

Summer Foods to Eat Carefully With Your Implants

What foods to eat carefully with dental implants

Summer BBQ and cookout season is starting and both dentists and prosthodontist are on the lookout for patients that could be eating foods that ruin their oral health. Our Dallas prosthodontist, Dr. Riad Almasri, loves a traditional summer cookout just as much as the next person but he does caution his patients to watch what they eat. Some summer foods aren’t good for your oral health or for individuals with tooth implants. Here are a few foods to eat with discretion.

Avoid Hot Dogs for Better Oral Health

A juicy grilled hot dog is something both kids and adults indulge in during the summer. However, this favorite summer food is loaded with processed saturated fat. This fat can lead to gum inflammation and even gum disease later on. Can you have a hot dog every so often? Sure, but keep your hot dog consumption to a minimum. Your mouth and dental implants will thank you for it.

Carefully Eat Corn on the Cob

Who doesn’t love corn on the cob? It’s synonymous with summer BBQs in Dallas. Unfortunately, kernels often get stuck between an implant (or natural tooth) and your gums after you’ve bitten into the corn cob. Instead of eating the corn directly off the cob, consider cutting the corn off the cob and carefully eating it that way. There’s nothing more obnoxious than having kernels stuck in your teeth, so this is a great way to reduce that issue.

Reduce Sugary Drink Consumption

Sodas, fruity drinks, and anything else loaded with sugars and syrups unnerves every dentist or prosthodontist. As tasty as these drinks are, they’re terrible on your natural teeth’s enamel and overtime can eat away at your All-on-4® Implants. Many BBQ sauces also include loads of sugar and corn syrup, so be careful how much you slather on your steaks or burgers! We advise our implant patients to avoid lots of sugar to preserve any natural teeth they have left and for the health of their implants.

Consult With Your Prosthodontist

Every good doctor knows that each patient is different and what they can or cannot eat depends entirely on their health. Before indulging in any favorite summer foods, check with your prosthodontist to make sure it’s ok. Our dental implants are guaranteed to last a lifetime with proper care and we do our best to inform every patient as to what foods they should use caution while eating.

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