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May 27, 2021

Teeth In A Day Vs. Standard Dental Implants

A patient mmiling brightly after the teeth in day procedure

Although same-day dental implants from FastNewSmile and the traditional method from other specialists may have the same outcome, they are both entirely different procedures.

Some patients may wonder why they should choose one procedure (or group of procedures) over the other. We like to think the answer is pretty clear, but if you’re still on the fence for the dental implant of your choice, here’s a look at the key differences between traditional implants and the teeth-in-a-day method that we’ve dedicated our craft to.

Same-Day Dental Implants Get You Back to Normal Activities Faster

While waiting for a surgery site to heal after traditional implants, patients often find themselves putting their life on hold. After all, why go out if you can’t enjoy life and show off your brand new smile.

Our same-day dental implant procedure allows patients to leave our offices that day and get back to living life.

With traditional dental implants, patients don’t even get functioning teeth until their four to six-month recovery period has passed. At FastNewSmile, we guarantee placement of a natural-looking, working set of teeth the day of surgery.

During the initial healing months, our team will help you navigate what foods you should and shouldn’t eat post-surgery. However, our procedure won’t stop you from showing off your FastNewSmile!

After receiving their FastNewSmile, patients will be able to smile, laugh, and talk comfortably with the confidence that our revolutionary dental procedure brings to their lives.

Teeth-In-A-Day Don’t Require a Bone Graft

Sometimes, dental implants require that the patient undergoes a bone grafting procedure in order to prevent implant failure. This is extremely common with traditional dental implants and not only lengthens the recovery period but puts the patient under even more stress than necessary.

We believe in alleviating the discomfort that patients experience during dental procedures and ensure that our teeth-in-a-day method does not require a bone graft for success. As long as a patient has ample jawbone strength, our titanium and zirconia bridges will remain in place and solidify with your bone to create a comfortable, stable smile.

Traditional Dental Implants Are Multi-Procedural Products

With FastNewSmile, your dental implants are placed in one procedure, and the process is done.

The same expedience can’t be said for the traditional implant method. Standard dental implant placements require a minimum of two surgical procedures before the final crown is placed.

First, patients will have the initial titanium screw inserted into their jawbone. Then, after a few months of healing, they will have to undergo another surgery where the abutment for their crowns is placed.

At FastNewSmile, we know that you don’t have time to waste on multiple procedures. That’s why we’ve honed our craft to perfect same-day dental implant placement. We complete every essential your surgery requires in one day, guaranteed.

Revitalize Your Smile in a Day with FastNewSmile

At the FastNewSmile dental implant centers, we specialize in creating new smiles for our patients on the same day of their procedure. We have perfected the art and science of same-day dental implants and are ready to help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about our All-on-Four procedures and other dental implant opportunities. We’re ready to schedule your consultation and help you start the journey with a fastnewsmile®!

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