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Nov 22, 2016

4 Things That Can Ruin Your Dentures

How to prevent breaking your dentures

If you’ve recently gotten dentures, it can be a nerve-wracking and insecure time full of questions. Not only do you have to deal with the discomfort of adjusting to a new mouth and smile, but you also have to learn how to care for your dentures. At FastNewSmile® Dental Implants & Cosmetics, we understand that you’ll have questions and we do our best to make sure you feel comfortable and knowledgeable when you walk out of our office after getting your new custom dentures. We think it’s important to not only know how to care for your dentures but also what can ruin them. Here are a few things that can ruin your dentures.

1. Cleaning Your Dentures With Regular Tooth Paste

False teeth, like dentures or dental implants, and your real natural teeth are obviously made from different materials. The way you cared for your real teeth isn’t how you’ll care for your new dentures. Using your old tooth paste can cause damage due to the abrasive substances sometimes found in the tooth paste. It’s best to use a tooth paste that’s meant for cleaning dentures. You can use regular tooth paste to clean your tongue and the inside of your mouth once you’ve removed the dentures.

2. Dropping Your Dentures

We get it, sometimes it just happens, particularly if you’re prone to dropping things. When taking your dentures out or putting them in, place a soft towel on the bathroom counter top to cushion the fall if you accidentally drop them. Dentures are sturdy but dropping them can result in cracks and chips in the teeth. Repairs can be costly so it’s best to take the necessary measures to protect them.

3. Forgetting to Take Dentures Out at Night caringfordenture

Your mouth needs a break from dentures at night and your dentures need a break from your mouth. Forgetting to take them out at night before you go to bed doesn’t give the dentures time to rest and soak in a denture cleaning solution. Soaking them overnight helps remove stains, clean plaque, and get rid of bacteria. In the morning, you’ll have a cleaner, healthier mouth when you put your dentures back in.

4. Never Seeing Your Dentist

Even though you have a beautiful new set of teeth, you still need to get a check up with your regular dentist to make sure your mouth is healthy. Your dentist will be able to notice changes in your mouth that could impact how your dentures fit and whether they’re correctly doing their job. FastNewSmile® Dental Implants & Cosmetics is committed to making sure your same-day dentures fit well and are everything you need in a smile.

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