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Sep 30, 2022

Top Signs That Your Smile is on the Path to Dental Implants

Top Signs That Your Smile is on the Path to Dental Implants

Your smile should be one of the parts of your expression that you are most proud of. However, when oral health issues arise, it’s easy for pride in your smile to take a back seat, and eventually, you’ll need extensive dental care or dental implants.

Dental implants are an excellent way to rejuvenate your smile and get your oral health back on track. While missing teeth are a sure sign that it’s time for dental implants, there are more subtle tells that your smile is ready for a dental implant upgrade.

Here are some of our most overlooked signs that you’re ready for a FastNewSmile®.

You Constantly Cover Up Your Smile

At FastNewSmile® we believe that you should never be ashamed of your smile. Yet, if you find that with every laugh, smile or photograph taken, you have your hand above your mouth, you may have some insecurities with your natural teeth.

Whether you have oral health problems or aren’t pleased with their color or placement, dental implants can help. Our procedure doesn’t just save your mouth from oral peril, but it also makes you proud to show off your pearly whites.

If you’ve pursed your lips through every smile for too long, it may be time to look into dental implants.

Dark Shadows Between Your Teeth

Dark shadows between your teeth are something you should never ignore. These typically signal a developing cavity within your tooth.

If you’ve let your oral health go and notice an abundance of dark shadows between your teeth, same-day dental implants could be an excellent way to hit the “reset button” on your smile and never have to worry about cavities and fillings again.

Visible Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Chipped and cracked teeth aren’t just painful situations, but they can be the gateway to even more dental problems. As chipped teeth continue to break apart, they could invite bacteria into the tooth and gums, increasing the risk of periodontal disease that could deteriorate your jaw bone.

Sometimes dental fillings and caps aren’t enough to resolve chipped and cracked teeth. Even if you have one tooth that needs to be replaced, a single dental implant can help prevent multiple maintenance and repair trips to the dentist if fillings and caps fail.

Excess Tartar Buildup

Tartar buildup is something that can take over your oral health if it becomes a problem that gets out of control. Without treatment, tartar can lead to gum disease and lost teeth.

If you’ve noticed visible tartar buildup and a combination of chronic bad breath, your oral health may already be in danger. So, we recommend reaching out to a dental professional. If your teeth are already too far gone, FastNewSmile® can quickly help you regain control of your smile with our same-day dental implants.

Your Teeth Are Experiencing Wear

Once we hit 30 years old, our teeth naturally start to wear down. The average is about 1 millimeter every 10 years.

Once teeth become thinner and shorter over time, it’s a sign that the enamel that protects them is disappearing or is completely gone. When this happens, enamel doesn’t regenerate, and your teeth are forever at risk to further problems.

Dental implants can help you restore your smile and turn back the clock on worn-down and thin teeth. All it takes is one consultation with our prosthodontists.

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