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Aug 31, 2020

Top Sports-Related Injuries That Lead to Dental Implants

Sports are an exciting pastime but come with the cost of higher health risks. Mid-game injuries like broken bones and concussions are some of the first types of risks that come to most people’s minds.

However, tooth injuries are among some of the most common sports-related issues for many athletes. The issue also goes beyond the standard knocked out tooth. Here’s a look at some of the most common sports injuries that result in dental implants.

Cracked Tooth

Taking a swift blow to the face can leave an athlete with a cracked tooth. While this injury doesn’t always end with dental implants, sometimes the severity of the crack requires our expertise.

If a crack extends below the gum line, the tooth is no longer salvageable and must be extracted. Our dental implant specialists at FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center can help with emergency extractions and help get athletes on the path towards recovery and away from jawbone deterioration that comes with missing teeth.

Teeth Intrusion

Missing teeth aren’t the only oral problems that athletes face. Although rare, the injury of a tooth intrusion is possible among patients. This occurs when the impact to one’s mouth, drives their teeth into the gums.

Not only is this an extremely painful state to live with, but teeth intrusion leads to other oral problems that include:

  • Tooth necrosis
  • Tooth fusion with the alveolar bone
  • The shortening of your tooth’s roots

In cases where the problem is left untreated and the tooth rots away, extraction becomes the next step. This should be followed by dental implant placement that prevents periodontal disease and other gum issues that missing teeth cause.

Severely Damaged Roots

Sometimes the fracture in a tooth can start beneath the surface. If an athlete is slammed at the right angle, the root of the tooth itself can become cracked, which eventually leads to exterior damage to the tooth. Allowing this issue to fester can easily lead to necrosis and result in a missing tooth.

Exposed gums can quickly become infected. Even with a regular brushing routine, that exposed piece of your mouth will collect bacteria and germs that lead to jawbone deterioration and the need for a more advanced implant procedure.

Get Dental Implants at the First Signs of Trouble

It’s important to know the signs of a dental problem. Allowing even a single cracked tooth to go unchecked can lead to an avalanche of oral health problems. Aside from visible cracks and knock-outs, some signs of athletic dental injuries include:

  • Sharp pain when chewing
  • Temporary tooth pain
  • Discomfort while eating hot or cold foods

Be On the Winning Team With FastNewSmile

The dental implant experts of FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center are on your team when it comes to maintaining your pearly whites after a sports injury. Our Prosthodontists have the capability to replace your missing teeth with titanium implants that last a lifetime and preserve your mouth’s oral health.

We are ready to bring you a same-day FastNewSmile. Contact us to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation with our Dallas office.

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