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Apr 21, 2017

Why a New Smile is the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Dental implants would make a perfect gift for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a cherished holiday celebrating the women that raised and loved us. Families usually enjoy brunch together and give all the moms at the table gifts showing their appreciation. However, finding a great gift for your mom can be difficult, especially if you’d like it to be something she’ll really enjoy having for a long period of time. If you’re struggling to find the right gift, then you should consider giving her the smile she’s always wanted through our revolutionary FastNewSmile® dental implants.

Dental Implants Give Her Confidence

Many people are embarrassed by the state of their teeth and they shouldn’t have to be. A bad set of teeth can be genetic or it can be the result of poor dental care over the years. If your mom or loved one has teeth they aren’t proud of, then All-on-Four implants would be a great gift for her. This procedure a far better option than dentures or a flipper as it is permanent and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Implants Are Easier to Care For

The worst kind of gift you can give someone is a gift that requires lots of ongoing maintenance and time spent. In other words, don’t surprise your mom with a puppy. Our tooth implant procedure requires a consultation appointment and then the surgery. After that, the patient is done! There’s no need to come back multiple times for adjustments. Dental implants are customized for the patient’s teeth and very little maintenance is needed on them.

Tooth Implants Are a Gift Siblings Can Give Together

If you and your siblings or other family members are wanting to give your mom or loved one a gift together, our implant payment plans are an easy way to do this. Not everyone has the money up front to pay for the entire procedure, which is why we offer convenient payment plans that will allow you and others giving the gift time to pay for the dental implants. Your mom will appreciate the thought and commitment that went into getting her the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

FastNewSmile® Will Give Your Mom Beautiful Teeth

Everyone should be able to smile, laugh, and have confidence in their appearance- especially our moms! If your mom needs a healthy new smile to get her feeling her best, then we have customized and affordable solutions to help with that. Get in touch with us today for questions or to schedule a consultation.

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