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Nov 09, 2022

Why Are Dental Implants the Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth?


Missing teeth aren’t just an eyesore for those that experience loss, they are also a health risk that have long-term effects if they aren’t replaced quickly.

There are several options for replacing missing teeth, but only one that helps you maintain your jawbone’s structural integrity.

Let’s take a look at dental implants and why they are the best option for replacing missing teeth.

1. Dental Implants Look and Feel Like Your Own Teeth

Many people stay away from dental implant surgery for so long because they are worried that dental implants will give a false veneer look that singles them out as implant patients.

While this is definitely the case with dentures and other teeth replacement options like tooth caps, the dental implant specialists at FastNewSmile® go to great lengths to ensure that our final product looks like your natural set of teeth, and above all feels like it.

When you let our specialists handle your smile, we guarantee teeth that look great, help you speak clearly, and comfortably enjoy the foods you love.

For a natural dental restoration, schedule a consultation with FastNewSmile® today!

2. Dental Implants Are a Permanent Solution and Do Not Require Any Special Care

Unlike dentures or crowns for chipped teeth, there are no special maintenance requirements that come with dental implants.

Dental implants are built to function like your natural teeth, including the maintenance process.

Aside from regular dental checkups, all you’ll need to do to ensure your dental implants last a lifetime is brush and floss on your regular twice-daily schedule.

Even if oral hygiene hasn’t been your strong suit in the past, your dental implant specialist can review the right hygiene plan for your needs and help you stay on track for your oral health.

3. Dental Implants Can Be Used to Replace One or More Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the best way to do so for the most natural and permanent tooth replacement, whether you’re missing one tooth or require a whole bridge replacement. Even one missing tooth can be enough to set off a chain reaction of bacterial infection that eats away at your jawbone and puts your health and the rest of your teeth at massive risk.

Dental implants can anchor into your jawbone, strengthen it, and ensure that the bone’s strength isn’t compromised due to a lost tooth.

So, if you find yourself missing a tooth or know you’ve had a few gaps in your smile for a while, let the prosthodontists of FastNewSmile® help you regain your toothy grin and keep your oral health in prime condition.

4. Dental Implants Are More Affordable Than Other Methods of Replacing Missing Teeth

Yes, dental implants are an investment that often comes with a financing option for patients. However, in the long-term, All-On-4 dental implants or even single dental implants are more affordable dental care options than crowns or fillings in cracked teeth.

Over time, these older methods of “replacing” missing teeth will fail, and you’ll repeatedly find yourself back in the dental chair. These costs add up and can eat away at your budget throughout your lifetime.

Dental implants are a single payment replacement option that gives you functional, beautiful teeth for a lifetime.

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