HIV and Dental Implants

September 2, 2016
by FastNewSmile®

If you have HIV and are concerned about getting dental implants, here is some helpful information. A minimum CD4 count of 200 cells/cc3 is required to get dental implants; but it is recommended that patients have a CD4 count of 400 cells/cc3 or higher with a low viral load when considering implants. Patients with CD4 counts higher than 200 cells/cc3 and a low viral load have the same post operative risks as those who do not have HIV.

Patients with HIV will have the same treatment and same procedures conducted as any other dental implant patient. They will be able to continue taking their HIV medication and will take antibiotics prior to the surgery like anyone else getting dental implants. If the HIV is under control and patients take care of their dental implants, they will have a high success rate. If the CD4 count drops lower than 200 cells/cc3 the patient is more to infection and has a greater risk of implant failure.

Here at FastNewSmile® Dental Implants and Cosmetics we have treated several patients with HIV that have had successful dental implants placed, whether they had single dental implants or several dental implants placed for the FastNewSmile®. We are so confident that your dental implants are going to work, we offer a lifetime guarantee.