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What are FastNewSmile® Dental Implants?

Introducing FastNewSmile® dental implants, the quickest, most affordable solution for a stunning, life-transforming smile, backed by a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Everyone is entitled to a smile that instills confidence. With FastNewSmile® dental implants, you’ll enjoy a lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and fully functional smile.

Our approach isn’t limited to the All-on-4™ technique, which depends solely on the placement of four dental implants. Our expert surgeons will insert as many implants as necessary to guarantee the best outcome. 

FastNewSmile® is a registered, exclusive procedure performed only by authorized providers!

What Others Are Doing

Teeth Dentures


Messy adhesives, bulky, removable, non-secure, bulky palate

Multiple temporaries, multiple adjustments, 6-12 months or final

2-10 years and multiple relines

Teeth Implant Dentures


Bulky, removable, more secure, palate, puts stress on implants

Multiple temporaries, 6-12 months for final

Spans need constant replacement, denture 2-10 years

Teeth Conventional Implants


Most like natural teeth if done by experienced Dentist

Typically 1-2 year process, including sinus lift and bone grafting

Increased risk of implant failure

FastNewSmile® Dental Implants

Life-Time Warranty

The patient comes in to our office with a smile they are not happy with and leaves, on day of surgery, with a beautiful and functional new smile.
Permanently secured, no palate, not bulky, chewing ability restored.
Dental Implants

About the FastNewSmile® Procedure

FastNewSmile® is the least expensive way to get a permanent smile that is both beautiful and functional. Our procedure is unlike the All-on-4® procedure that solely relies on the placement of 4 implants. Our team will place as many implants as needed to ensure the procedure is a success. FastNewSmile® is a registered trademarked procedure that is only performed by our team in the Dallas area.

Thanks to dental implants, patients can replace even an entire mouth of missing teeth with appliances that look and feel nearly like their real teeth. One particularly good option for edentulous patients is the FastNewSmile® (All-on-4® dental implants) also known as Teeth-in-a-Day.

With this revolutionary technique, our caring and experienced prosthodontist our team places four dental implants in the upper and/or lower jaws, and that quartet anchors the entire prosthetic arch. This procedure is completed right in our office, and the patient receives a complete set of teeth on the day of surgery. The whole process takes between 6-8 hours.

Not only is the FastNewSmile® procedure more efficient than conventional crowns, bridges, and dentures, it also helps to stabilize the jawbone in a way that regular dentures cannot. The dental implants stand in for some of the missing teeth’s roots, minimizing jawbone atrophy and maintaining consistency in the shape of the bone over time.

The bone loss that accompanies tooth loss is a major concern for denture wearers—especially those who have had dentures for many years—who want to make the switch to dental implants. FastNewSmile® helps to overcome this obstacle, too. The implants are strategically located toward the front of the jaw, where bone erosion takes place more slowly. This positioning eliminates the need for a bone graft or sinus augmentation that some dental implant patients would face when choosing conventional denture, crown or bridge work for teeth replacement. With these additional dental procedures, the patient would be making multiple surgical appointments to complete the treatment; taking at least 1 year to complete. These patients will also have more dental implants placed which will increase the cost of treatment tremendously.

FastNewSmile® is Truly Life-changing

Patients regain maximum functionality in terms of chewing and speaking, and the dentures stay in place. Furthermore, the shape of the jawbone remains constant, meaning that patients won’t need to have their appliances refitted every few years, ultimately requiring a completely new set of dentures.

Another benefit is the maintenance of the implant bridge. The material used is easily repairable and inexpensive; whereas, repairing porcelain crowns and bridges can be costly. There is no repairing when it comes to porcelain material. Lab technicians have to recreate the prosthesis all over again. Also, the patient would have to wait for a minimum of 2 weeks for the lab to process the case as opposed to waiting for about an hour for their prosthodontist to repair the FastNewSmile® implant bridge.

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