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Aug 14, 2020

How Safe Are Dental Implants?

Before solidifying their dental implant surgery, many patients ask us if getting dental implants is a safe choice. We understand the fear behind surgery, but really there isn’t much that a patient has to worry about when their care is in the hands of the dental implant specialists of FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center. If you’re thinking about getting a new smile but have questions about the safety of the procedure itself, here are some factoids about dental implants to ease some of the nerves you may have.

Our Dental Implants Are Compatible With the Human Body

The dental implants we place at FastNewSmile® are made from Titanium. This is not only an extremely strong material that keeps implants in place, but it’s also one that the human body easily agrees with. Titanium is biocompatible and allows your body to quickly adjust to your dental implants. This leads your mouth functioning comfortably, and a gleaming smile that’s lifetime guaranteed. While it’s common to experience dental implant pain directly after your surgery, our team will give you the information you need to handle these new adjustments with ease.

Prosthodontists Are Trained for Implant Placement

Not any dentist can place your dental implants. Prosthodontists are dental implant specialists who are trained to safely place dental implants. We don’t just go in and place where we please. Our process involves oral 3D scans and lengthy conversations about your oral and overall health before we approve you as a candidate. Every patient has a different story, and unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for a safe implant procedure. We want your surgery to be a success, and that starts with your safety. Trust us to put your health and our knowledge first so that you can leave with a same-day smile that instantly turns heads.

Dental Implants Save Your Oral Health

If missing teeth go ignored, over time, your jawbone will begin to deteriorate and several health complications can arise. Some of the other issues that come with missing teeth include:

  • The shifting of your remaining teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Difficulty chewing

If you’re a viable candidate for dental implants, FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center can rejuvenate your teeth and restore the confidence you deserve to have about your smile. Oral health preservation is our business, and we’re ready to make your life comfortable again.

Dental Implants Have a High Success Rate

Finally, the proof that dental implants are safe is their high success rate. Dental implant placement has a 98 percent success rate. When you leave our office with your new smile, we ensure that you have all of the information you need to preserve your smile to the best of your ability. We will also schedule follow up appointments that help us determine the success of your dental implant surgery.

Safely Improve Your Oral Health With FastNewSmile®

At FastNewSmile® Dental Implant Center, we take your oral health and safety seriously. Our dental implant specialists have the experience to ensure that the procedure is the right choice for your body. Let us help you decide if you are a viable candidate for a successful dental implant placement. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our Dallas Prosthodontists.

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